World Cup Qatar 2022: Pulisic and Bale sign the tables | World Cup Qatar 2022

World Cup Qatar 2022: Pulisic and Bale sign the tables |  World Cup Qatar 2022

Pulisic and Bale, during the clash between United States and Wales.
Pulisic and Bale, during the clash between United States and Wales.DPA via Europa Press (DPA via Europa Press)

Christian Pulisic is the United States as Gareth Bale is Wales, a technical draw that the group and the other favorite for the round of 16 cannot decipher previously expressed England’s superiority over Iran (6-2). And between hits and little football, between tarascadas and, above all, races, the soloists performed. First Pulisic to give Tim Weah a goal, a dream pass and many carats; then Bale, converting a self-committed penalty.

What happened in Wales was not due to the lungs. The players already warned while singing my parents’ earth, the Welsh anthem that echoed around the Ahmad bin Ali stadium, pure emotion and liberation, tones screaming with the soul because it had been 64 years since they had tasted a World Cup. And that was confirmed by whoever started rolling the ball, as stubborn in pursuit as clumsy in holding it, kicks that bruised the ball.

Robert Page’s team turned out to be compact in defense, with the 11 players deployed in their field making measured and harmonious movements before the ball rolled at the opponent’s feet. But that union was shattered in the blink of an eye when they regained the leather as the defense gave three or four safety passes to give time for the runs and runaways from the attackers, who were looking for a long ball, perhaps an overtime, of which propelled ball. Head. Bale was the target. but Cardiff ExpressHis hero is always there for something holy of holies says Wales, Golf and Real Madrid (now Angeles FC) he got a stiff neck from twisting his neck so many times from seeing the ball fly off his boots so many times. The plan that helped them get to Qatar – by a hair’s breadth, yes, since they left Austria and Ukraine in the play-offs – wasn’t enough for them against the US until they understood it was their destiny, until Pulisic it messed up .

The United States’ proposal was to touch and connect from the roots, but also shake and break when crossing the divide, using Weah’s speed on the right and the incursions of Robinson – winger Fulham – on the left Side, a foot ball, exploits de seda, who went just wide of Sargent’s assist, his shot hitting the imbalance post. However, it happens that the Stars and Stripes team missed a break, someone who took the baton on the balcony of the opposing area. And then Pulisic appeared, the 10th, the best.

It didn’t start right. Bad pass here; bad middle over there. But as he picked up rhythm and colour, omnipresent in attacks, he became the master of the American chorus, quite a headache for Wales, who tried to stop him with kicks and, of course, the block. But football is not mathematics and Pulisic has a top hat. He set up a counterattack which Weah extended and which Davies nearly got into his own goal; and soon after, after a few passes and checks from his teammates, almost more determined to get the ball on the ground than anything else, he absorbed it to draw a start raising a ridge to the opponent, chin up and into the pass Hole in Weah’s career, which he resolved with the wing and a goal before Hennessey’s departure. The United States roared, and certainly more than one house in Liberia; Tim is the son of George Weah, an electric striker for Milan who won the Ballon d’Or in 1995 – the only African to win that award – and is now President of the Republic.

With the slap in the face, Wales opted to stretch the lines and play in opposition, energetically with the entry of Moore as a striker. And he got away with it, perhaps because President Joe Biden’s message resonated (“Play with your heart first, I know you will”), perhaps because of a lack of experience since at 24.5 he’s the youngest in the cup So before they closed their goal they decided to attack the second goal, too many spaces and an open field, wow for Bale. And the Welsh, as is well known, expressed themselves with hanging balls in the penalty area in search of the right shot. Ampadu had an iron shot that Turner blocked in time; and Moore nearly missed a header from a corner.

Then Bale was brought down in the box by Zimmerman and didn’t miss from 11 yards. Draw between Wales and the United States, between Bale and Pulisic.

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