Why we should be wary of sites and network accounts that offer high profitability

Why we should be wary of sites and network accounts that offer high profitability

They present themselves on the Internet as Experts | in cryptocurrencies or estate agents Service from the comfort of your own home. They make you feel stupid having your savings in a checking account instead of investing and getting them very high profitability. You assure that you can recover the investment and profits whenever you want. That’s how it works financial stands: Websites or applications whose real goal is to attract victims who invest and then leave with the money. According to the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV), this type of financial fraud has quadrupled in recent years. The associations of financial users warn of this It is very difficult to get the money backonce the fraud is discovered.

How to avoid becoming a victim of financial chiringuito?

Like other cyber scams The best way to avoid them is to know how they work and not fall into their traps. If you’re thinking of investing some savings, do the following:

  • just select Companies authorized by the CNMV provide investment services. The CNVM itself has a publicly accessible search engine for authorized entities.
  • Ask for information to the company, if possible, written. In the event of a future problem, recovering the investment could be crucial
  • mistrust of promises of Yield above the market price. suspicion if you use social networks “success stories“by would-be investors with a very high standard of living
  • If you use the expression “Risk free” if the use of pyramid schemes or if he product investment is Too complex, be suspicious and contact the CNMV. You can do it through yours Investor service phone number: 900 535 015

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