Where to watch Wizards of Waverly Place, the series Selena Gomez was discovered in

Where to watch Wizards of Waverly Place, the series Selena Gomez was discovered in

“Where it all began,” he wrote Selena Gomez in an Instagram post of her standing in New York and gazing at a sign that reads “Waverly Pl.” 15 years ago, Disney Channel premiered a new series in which three young wizards had to learn to use their magical powers while hiding their true identities from the outside world. Along with other productions such as Hannah Montana O high school musical, Wizards of Waverly Place It is one of the favorite Disney creations by fans. 90’s kids.

In 2007, a very young Selena Gomez appeared in our lives as Alex Russo, a rebellious, lazy, and selfish 16-year-old teenager who used magic at will despite reproaches from her parents, played by David DeLuise j Maria Canals-Barrera. His older brother, hardworking and well-behaved son Justin Russo, played by the actor David Henry, he spent his days coming to terms with her and trying to stop her, though he rarely succeeded. Max, the little brother played along Jake T AustinI could never get a spell right.

Created by Todd J Greenwaldthe Russo family series won three Emmy Awards for Outstanding Children’s Program and is considered one of Disney’s greatest hits. The adventures of the trio of brothers that made us laugh for 5 years are now back in Disney+where to find the episodes of the 4 seasons of the series.

From Disney girl to role model

Few will be the ones who didn’t have a crush on Selena Gomez (if they still don’t). Since appearing on the small screen as a young sorceress, the actress has turned originally from Mexico one of the great icons of the 2000s. After going through the Disney Channel where he also started his career as a singer with songs like Naturally O same old loveGomez has appeared in films such as A rainy day in New York from Woody Allen or in the TV series Only murders in the building con Steve Martin j Martin Kurzamong other things.

He recently premiered his documentary film My mind and I in AppleTV+where she recounts her evolution from her final days as a Disney girl to the philanthropic work she is developing in the present, derived from her diagnosis bipolarity and his battle with the disease lupus. Thanks to her commitment to associations dedicated to accessing resources that may be of interest to people with mental illness, the 30-year-old actress, who began her career in the world of Disney, has become a reference figure in public life in the Discussion has become Mental health

Lili Reinhart, Chris Evans and Selena Gomez

After meeting the most vulnerable and human Selena Gomez thanks to the documentary directed by Alex Keshishianand are waiting to see her play the role of Mabel again in the third season of Only murders in the building — a character who, according to some fans of the actress, would be an older Alex Russo — we return once more to Waverly Place, where nothing was what it seemed.

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