When Dragon Ball released a time crunch shooting game where you threw energy balls and kamehames with your hands

When Dragon Ball released a time crunch shooting game where you threw energy balls and kamehames with your hands

Long before Kinect allowed us to throw a Kamehame with our hands and the Wii’s gesture revolution became the industry’s favorite candy, herds He wanted to play the silly thing in front of the TV with the help of Dragon Ball.

As if it were a decaffeinated arcade, and looking at the shots that filled arcades halfway around the world thanks to games like Time Crisis, this surreal console that never left Japan left us alone Son Goku For a while we shot energy balls at the classic enemies of the saga.

The start of the Wii revolution

We are in 2006 and Wii is about to change the rules of the game, but motivated by Nintendo’s announcement or with a privileged mind destined to foresee events, in herds You had an idea. Far from marrying anyone, they would launch their own console at a discounted price. A plug and play gadget, one of those that you can connect to the TV and enjoy a single game with Dragon Quest as the protagonist.

The great advantage of this machine created by SSD Company Limited, which had already launched games with gesture controls to train with Jackie Chano, play tennis and bowling before Nintendo did the same Wii sportswas intended to capture the thrust of the saga in Japan to present us with a new way of playing: with the help of a plastic sword and a sensor located in the pot itself, we would unleash sword blows left and right to eliminate enemies.

As expected, the idea was a resounding success, so Bandai was preparing to launch new versions that could exploit the idea of ​​Plug & Play with two different strategies: On the one hand, the Let’s TV Play! Classicwhich would collect some of its most mythical titles from the arcades of Namco and Taito.

The other, even more promising, tried to follow this gestural control dragon quest with another equally popular franchise in the land of the rising sun: dragon ball. Using the same sensor and some rings placed on the hands, the player should eliminate enemies while punching the air and shooting energy balls as if it were an arcade shooter.

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From Dragon Ball to Naruto to Digimon

The pitch of this idea called Dragon Ball Z: Battle Taikan Kamehameha – Omee to FusionShe would soon grow with an additional gadget that failed to materialize despite a similar visual level and keeping the same battle structure going from Vegeta’s attack to fighting Yi Xing Long Dragon Ball GTadded some improvements.

Plus new enemies and more minigames To separate yourself from shooting between fights, from climbing Karin’s tower to collecting magic beans, this second version introduced the ability to complete the game together with a partner controlled by the machine.

However, the jump came with the third version, which in addition to the aforementioned rings included a tracker with which we had to aim at the main enemy during battles and new special missions that added invented plots that are not in the manga or the animated series.

Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Battle 22, the brutal debut of Son Goku and his friends on PlayStation

After a fourth title that united the worlds dragon ball and One Piece, the remarkable success of the idea allowed them to launch new gadgets and collaborations with sagas like Blue Dragon. ultramanDigimon or even Naruto whose controllers were ninja gloves that could be used to throw shuriken and perform techniques.

In reality, despite the oddity of the Marciana being a collector’s gem, the large number of machines sold makes it relatively easy to get one of the various editions on the market for a few or so 70 euros on second-hand sites. Of course, remember that you need a PAL converter to be able to enjoy it on your TV

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