What is happening to Miren Ibarguren and why is there so much controversy?

What is happening to Miren Ibarguren and why is there so much controversy?

Lwhat’s coming started its 13th season on Friday on Amazon Prime Video, where it will be broadcast before Telecinco, although the Mediaset chain will broadcast the first chapter on Monday, after reaching an agreement with the aforementioned platform.

A first chapter full of novelties, since the crazy neighborhood community said goodbye to their Mirador de Montepinar forever on the outskirts of the city, in the Calle Contubernio 49, and with numerous new actors, but also well-known victims.

And under the news the surprising aspect of Yolanda Morcillo, the character played through for a few seasons Miren Ibargus The actress from San Sebastian has become a series an obese person, thanks to a suit (fat suit) that will add volume to your body and make you go up several sizes and even facial prostheses giving him a remarkable double chin.

And his plot in the first few chapters revolves around that. After splitting up with his last partner, Yolanda Morcillo, the queen of glitter, She falls into a depression that makes her fat and his mother (played by Loles LeΓ³n) tries to get him to lose weight by even putting a lock on the fridge, resulting in her eating in secret and with the caretaker’s help.

an argument for it Set fire to social media those of the veteran series that recently won the Ondas award Fatophobia for how obese people show it.

Of course, many Internet users react to this criticism remember that what is happening in the series is a parody, there are also characters like Antonio Recio who show homophobia, racism or misogyny.

The reason for this radical change in Miren Ibarguren’s appearance is that the Basque actress, partner of the series creator Alberto Caballero, she is pregnant and they chose to hide this pregnancy so as not to repeat storylines already seen on other occasions and that this implies that there will be another boy or girl in the series in future seasons.

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