War Ukraine – Russia, Last Minute Live

War Ukraine – Russia, Last Minute Live

271 days have passed since the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Vladimir Putin is preparing a new mobilization for next year, despite the popular rejection of his depleted troops. For his part, Zelenskyy wants to strengthen the battalions in the south and east. With the harsh winter leaving tens of millions without electricity and thousands without water, restoring Ukraine’s power infrastructure damaged by Russian attacks is another priority. another weapon of war for the Kremlin.


Polish prosecutors will not allow Ukraine to participate in the investigation into the Przevodow explosion

The Polish daily Rzeczpospolita reported, citing anonymous sources, that the Polish prosecutor’s office would not agree to involving the Ukrainian side in the investigation into the rocket explosion in Przewodow.


Zelensky says Ukraine will “survive” until “Victory Day” is celebrated “in peace” in Kyiv.

President of Ukraine Volodimir Zelenski stressed this Monday that the country will “overcome everything” and “survive” until it celebrates “Victory Day” in Kyiv and Ukraine “in peace” amid the military offensive launched by Russia may on February 24th.

Zelensky gave a speech on the occasion of the Day of Dignity and Freedom, in which he emphasized that the Russian invasion “changed a lot of things” both in Ukraine and “in Europe and the rest of the world”. “Slightly unchanged, that’s the answer to the question of what Ukrainians are and what is important to us.”

“Those things are dignity and freedom,” he said. “We’ve always valued her and we’re not afraid to defend her. We’ve always known what we want and this year everyone saw what we’re capable of. Friends and enemies saw it. allies and partners. We’ve seen it for ourselves,” he said.


Fighting continues along the Svatove-Kreminna line

Russian and Ukrainian sources reported ongoing fighting in north-eastern Ukraine.


The bombing of Zaporizhia is playing with fire, the International Atomic Energy Agency warns

Ukraine’s Zaporizhia nuclear power plant, which is under Russian control, was rocked by shells on Sunday, condemned by UN nuclear watchdog chief Rafael Grossi, who warned of a possible nuclear disaster. Moscow and Kyiv have blamed each other for the bombing of the facility.


According to Kyiv, Ukrainian forces could be in Crimea by the end of December

In an interview with Sky News, Ukraine’s Deputy Defense Minister Volodimir Havrylov ended the war with Russia: Spring 2023.


US urges Ukraine to consider peace talks

The United States is urging Ukraine to be open to peace talks with Moscow, while a senior Pentagon official says it will be difficult for Kyiv’s forces to retake all of the territory Russia seized in the war.


Stoltenberg, Sánchez and Zelenski will take part in the NATO Parliamentary Assembly via video conference this Monday

Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg and President of Ukraine Volodimir Zelenski will attend the NATO Parliamentary Assembly in Madrid this Monday.

This forum is meeting for its 68th annual meeting this Saturday. At this meeting, 269 parliamentarians from the 30 member countries and 100 members from 15 associated countries will assess the application of the Assembly’s recommendations in the decisions adopted by NATO at the summit also in Madrid last June.

All this in relation to the new Strategic Concept that emerged from the Madrid meeting, support for Ukraine and the response to the Russian threat.

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