Volkswagen: Volkswagen confirms it: The Golf will not go the way of the Ford Fiesta

Volkswagen: Volkswagen confirms it: The Golf will not go the way of the Ford Fiesta

HA few days ago we received shocking news for the automotive industry: the discontinuation of the Ford Fiesta, which will not be replaced in the future electric range of the Valo brand and whose name will not be used in the next models of the vehicle. Giant from Detroit. The question immediately arose: The same could happen with other mythical names the automotive industry?

At MARCA we wanted to ask this question to the highest manager of the brand that has the most charismatic model in Europe: the Volkswagen Golf. In a meeting with the Spanish press postponed to the Auto Show in Los Angeles (now christened AutoMobility LA) Thomas Schäfer, CEO of the German brandfrees us from doubts.

Volkswagen Golf - Volkswagen ID - Golf el

The Golf name can have a life as electric.Volkswagen

The Volkswagen Golf will have an electric future

Why… Volkswagen has found in the ID label a fairly valid ‘brand’ for its electric models (it currently has five members and a sixth is due to arrive in 2023), but so far it has been built by identifying the different models Counting (with the only Exception from ID.BUZZin this case, however, in a different segment, e.g. e.g. commercials).

“We have a plan to organize the future range that weWe will not give up ID, it’s a good name, it’s well known, it clearly expresses electrification and people recognize it, so it’s fine. Maybe we’ll stick with the numbers for now, but we will also include names‘ the manager who took over explained Direction of volume markers from the German group (Seat, Cupra, Skoda j Volkswagen) in April of the same year 2022.

Thomas Sch

Thomas Schäfer, CEO of Volkswagen, secured the future of the Golf at MARCA.

golf is a brand in itself, like GTI Oh Tiguan. It would be a mistake to let them disappear and call the cars differently”, explained Schäfer, who assumes that the name Golf will also be present at Volkswagen in the future: “Not all names are iconic and global, it has not yet been decided, but it is very clear I don’t think the name golf will go away. It still has time as a combustion model and after An electric future is imminent“.

An ID.Golf before 2033

From here to so everything points to it 2033the date that Volkswagen recently marked as Frontier to convert its entire range to electricThe legendary Volkswagen Golf also begins its metamorphosis into total electrification (already as a special battery model, because remember, There was already an e-Golf created from the adaptation of an electric chassis based on the seventh generation).

ID.Golf - Electric Golf - Thomas Sch

The future Golf will be electric and could be called ID.GolfVolkswagen

The German compact is currently in the fourth year of its eighth generation (which has slightly electrified motors, but no battery-powered variant), so at least it will continue to be available as a combustion engine model until 2028 although after that… we can bet why it becomes a ID.Golf

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