Ukraine claims in Jerson | to have found “places of torture” used by Russians Europe | DW

Ukraine claims in Jerson |  to have found “places of torture” used by Russians Europe |  DW

Ukrainian prosecutors announced on Monday (11/21/2022) that they had discovered “torture sites” used by the Russians in Kherson, a city in southern Ukraine that was recaptured by Kyiv forces after nearly nine months of Russian occupation.

“In Kherson, prosecutors continue to investigate Russia’s crimes,” Ukrainian prosecutors said on Telegram, saying officials found “torture sites” in “four buildings.”

Among the four buildings visited by investigators are pre-war “temporary detention centers” where the occupiers illegally arrested and brutally tortured people during the city’s takeover,” prosecutors added.

Kherson was the first major city to fall into Russian hands after the February 24 invasion. The Ukrainian army recaptured the city, the capital of the region of the same name, on November 11.

The proof

Investigators seized “parts of rubber truncheons, a wooden bat, a device used by the occupiers to electrocute civilians, a lightbulb and bullets,” the source explained.

“Work on establishing places of torture and unlawful detention of people continues,” said the Ukrainian prosecutor’s office, which also wants to “identify all victims.” The Russian withdrawal, the third major since the invasion began, was a major setback for President Vladimir Putin.

Since retaking the city, Kyiv has repeatedly denounced “war crimes” and “atrocities” committed by the Russians in the region, one of four that Moscow annexed in September.

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