Trenor presents the documentary “Maria Casares: a miller who lived a thousand lifetimes” on the occasion of the 100th birthday of María Casares

Trenor presents the documentary “Maria Casares: a miller who lived a thousand lifetimes” on the occasion of the 100th birthday of María Casares

a corona, November 21, 2022 Xunta delegate Gonzalo Trenor attended the presentation this morning from the documentary María Casares: the woman who lived a thousand lifetimes film Agallas Films with a grant from the Ministry of Culture, Education, Vocational Training and Universities. Directed by Xabier Villaverde, the film opens tonight at the Teatro Colón, where it arrives after passing the Ourense International Film Festival and the Seminci in Valladolid.

Trenor stressed that “this documentary offers us an intimate and in-depth look at the life of this extraordinary woman and pays homage from her native Galicia to a colorful, magnetic and fundamental figure in the performing arts of 20th-century Europe.” It features interventions by María Lopo, Emilio Grandío, Manuel Rivas, Mabel Rivera, Johanna Silberstein, Jorge Lavelli, Marion Chénetier-Alev and Manolo Lourenzo, among others.

The Xunta delegate recalled that the Xunta program for the 100th birthday of María Casares intensifies its activities in this last period of the year with new conferences, exhibitions and scenic and audiovisual proposals that will be enjoyed from next week, coinciding with his date of birth can become. this is commemorated today, November 21st.

Today, at the Cidade da Cultura, the Library of Galicia inaugurates a new bibliographical exhibition with its own funds, open to the public until January 27, curated by library technicians Patricia Babío and Carina Fernández. María Casares, the conquest of existence It includes about thirty books, magazines, videos and records that allow visitors to get closer to the character of María Casares, trapped in the bibliographic universe.

It follows this exhibition that hosts the Miguel González Garcés Public Library in A Coruña until December 21st. It’s about Mary Casares, privileged resident, which uses 200 books, photographs, films and documents to reconstruct the life of the actress, her family environment and her relationship to French culture. Within the exhibition, about 60 books from the private library of his father Santiago Casares Quiroga are of particular importance. They also highlight publications of the works represented by the actress. At the end of the tour, the awards and honors he has received throughout his professional career will be collected. It can be visited from Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. and on Saturdays from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Approaching your figure

One day after the anniversary, tomorrow, Tuesday 22nd, the series of conferences will culminate at the Museum of Fine Arts of A Coruña Maria Casare. From exile to the stage which since last February has contained a dozen reports with relevant personalities from the world of art and culture, who got to know the work and legacy of the honored artist up close. The final day, starting at 7:00 p.m., will be presented by the musician Pedro Soler, who has accompanied María Casares on several occasions in her productions, and the professor María Delgado, who is the author and co-editor of a dozen books, including one that presents a vision of the history of Spanish theater through told by six artists in which María Casares is one of the protagonists.

audiovisual cycle

The audiovisual cycle that started last June will also continue at the Filmoteca de Galicia. Tomorrow, Tuesday, November 22, the film that will mark his film debut, the nests of paradiseby Marcel Carné, which has a second screening on Friday 25th.Other French film titles starring Casares that will be screened are Orpheusby Jean Cocteu (Days 23 and 24), The Ladies of the Bologna Forestby Robert Bresson (24th), and a doubles session on November 29th with Gernikaby Alain Resnais and Robert Hessens, together with The Testament of Orpheusby Jean Cocteau.

All these initiatives are integrated into the intense program carried out by the Xunta throughout the year through more than a dozen digital, editorial, scenic and audiovisual proposals that cover María Casares’ footprint from different platforms and languages. Along with the Galician Government, numerous entities and institutions from different areas participate, including the National Library of Spain, the Embassy of Spain in France, the Cervantes Institute, the Association of Actors and Actresses of Galicia, Ediciones Xerais, Radio and Television Corporation of Galicia (CRTVG), among others.

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