This is your new life in Spain

This is your new life in Spain

The nun Cristina Succia, whose triumph in the Italian version of the television competition The voice In 2014 he toured the world – he came to Spain to sing the anthill-, quit her habit and now lives in Spain, where she continues to sing and wait wait to earn a living.

Sister Cristina who moved and surprised the world Performance of “No One” by Alicia Keys In her first appearance and eventually winning the show, she began a singing career and was in the cast of the musical sister act, In addition to the performance in 2016 among the protagonists of the musical titanicbut without giving up the religious life.

After spending a few years away from the stage, Cristina Scuccia was on the program this Sunday very correct from Canale 5 with a surprise makeover and dressed in a red pantsuit announced it had left religious life and who currently resides in Spain, where she continues to nurture her passion for music and works as a waitress.

Sister Cristina is in me. Thanks to Sister Cristina, I am who I am now,” said the former Ursuline, explaining that she “walked a wonderful path that had difficulties” but that now she can smile “even more than before”. . She affirmed that she “continues to believe in God” and “has no intention of giving up her faith journey” and is “grateful for everything she has lived thus far.”

Cristina Succia.

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