The trick to peeling chestnuts easily and its benefits

The trick to peeling chestnuts easily and its benefits

We are already in chestnut season and our mouths are watering just thinking about all the possibilities we have with them in the kitchen. This dried fruit, low in fat and high in vitamin C, is at the peak of consumption and has a prickly and a dark brown skin that must be removed before consumption.

Apparently, half a cup of raw chestnuts will provide you with 35 to 45% of your daily intake vitamin C, while it’s true that they lose some of this vitamin C when you boil or fry them, they still contain between 15 and 20% of your daily intake of this healthy vitamin. To get more vitamin C in the chestnuts when cooking, you can roast them at lower temperatures or use a dehydrator to dry them.

Among its properties we can highlight the following, as indicated by Natalia Galán, nutritionist at BluaU de Sanitas:

– They contain fewer calories than other nuts.

– It is rich in healthy fats and fiber, which improves intestinal transit and lowers cholesterol levels.

– It is rich in minerals such as potassium, magnesium and calcium.

– They provide essential amino acids, an important compound in the vegan diet.

– “By containing antioxidants, it contributes positively to inflammatory processes, cell aging and the prevention of certain diseases,” he says.

Despite the fact that it is a dried fruit, the chestnut is the dried fruit with more water than its group. Belén Siscar, dietician and nutritionist, points out that their water content (between 40-50%) is higher than the rest nutsthe amount of carbohydrates is also higher and the less fat. “This makes chestnuts one of the lowest-calorie, most filling and “sweets”-tasting nuts. Likewise, it has a higher fiber content, which helps us in the proper functioning of fiber intestinal passage» says the expert.

Although it is a healthy food, it should not be consumed in excess. The recommended daily intake of chestnuts for a balanced diet is like that of the rest nutsthat’s 30 grams raw, which equals a handful.

Roasted chestnuts at home

In numerous cities we can find roasted chestnut stalls at this time of the year, but what if we want to have them without leaving home? It’s very easy, the Sanitas expert assures: “You can make them yourself at home by preheating your oven to 200 degrees for about 20 minutes with heat on both sides and turning the chestnuts halfway through.”

We can also prepare them in a saucepan, bring the water to a boil and add that chestnuts leave for five minutes and then peel, but it is very important that they are still hot. You can also cook them in the pan over medium heat for the same amount of time. “In either case, of course, don’t forget to do something cuts in the shell“, he warns.

how to peel them

To make it easy at home, we can do it by making a small cut in the chestnut, putting the chestnuts in a bowl and covering them with water. Then we put the bowl in small batches in the microwave for a few minutes at maximum power and … voilà! We have a perfect snack for the duration of the season, which usually runs from October to January.

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