The threat of Kiko Matamoros that caused Lydia Lozano to leave the set

The threat of Kiko Matamoros that caused Lydia Lozano to leave the set

Since last Friday Lydia Losano not having a good time because of the controversy Albano. After all, the journalist didn’t sit down in the interview that the Italian artist gave in “Deluxe” last Saturday. And that for the first time he hadn’t contradicted him about being present on the set.

The television worker excused her absence from the weekend program with, among other things, an anxiety attack, her mother’s nervousness at the Italian’s words or the lack of a previous interview that led her to believe Albano I was looking for her. However, some did not buy his justifications.

Lydia Lozano and Kiko Matamoros in Save Me.

Lydia Lozano and Kiko Matamoros in Save Me.

Among other things, his own Kiko love killer. The TV commentator noted the journalist’s attitude to the matter and even threatened to reveal the “intrastory” of the case Ylenia Carrisi.

Everyone’s intrastory

A threat that causes Lydia Losano made sure he would never discuss the matter again while walking off the set of Save Me. Faced with the task of the Tertullian, his partner Kiko Matamoros reveals that the collaborator had apologized Albano because he was forced by the direction of the program.

He accused him of ambiguity and accused him. “It doesn’t hurt you, Albano, you hurt yourself‘ the Tertulian pointed out. And he went one step further.”The big advantage you have is that the intrahistory of everything is not known“, assured Kiko while Lydia Losano I denied it. The staffer then asked the program’s management for permission to speak about the matter.

Kiko Matamoros in

Kiko Matamoros in “Who Is My Father?”

Telecinco capture

The Truth of Matamoros

demand for matamoros triggered a violent reaction Losanothat came to sprout. “Don’t be silent or anything, I’m not going to play this game, let him say what’s on his mind, I’m going out and you should respect me, I don’t want anyone’s focus on me, that’s fine‘ the staffer warned before exiting the set.

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before his departure matamoros He felt the “most hygienic thing” was that he “had the courage to tell the truth.” According to him, the truth of the story is that “refused to ask for forgiveness do you know why you do it? Because they force you, because the directors don’t go crazy like you do, because they’re a little ashamed of bullfighting and they say you can’t go on with the information you have“.

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