The new Fisker Ocean goes into production, the Californian electric SUV is coming in 2023

The new Fisker Ocean goes into production, the Californian electric SUV is coming in 2023

Production of the new Fisker Ocean at the Austrian Magna plant in Graz has already started, the new electric SUV is already rolling off the assembly lines, with the aim of having enough units to start delivering units from February, a key opponent for the premium German .

That new fisher ocean it is already a reality. Although the new electric SUV Prices in Europe and also in Spain for months, it was only four days since the Californian company started Production of this model at the Magna factory in Graz, Austria. An interesting offer that has collected thousands of orders for more than a year and that is getting closer to its owners.

But not only that, but it’s also a warning to premium Germans, because in a few months they will have one new opponent with which they will hit the sales charts. The Bavarians already have the BMW iX in the running and the star brand will make its debut in 2023 with the market launch of the new EQE SUV. The new Polestar 3 is still a few months away, and Audi and Porsche have delayed the launch of the Q6 e-tron and new Macan, respectively, by a few months. A niche in the premium electronics market with more and more options.

The Fisker Ocean, ready to storm European electric SUVs

Magna managers are working hard to meet the forecasts of the Henrik Fisker brand, which enthusiastically participated in a unique moment, that of the first unit produced of a model for which they had great commercial expectations. The American company plans to start doing this the delivery of the units from next February 2023with no fewer than 63,000 reserved units on the order books.

Packed with technology across the board, the Fisker Ocean features a sophisticated exterior and interior design with a Cabin for only five passengers and specially designed to enjoy long journeys. The brand has outlined a series of three versions, with a Special Launch Edition limited to 5,000 pieces worldwidewhich features huge 22-inch alloy wheels made of aluminum and recycled carbon fiber.

The Ocean Extreme, Ultra and Sport are fully equipped, with the first two featuring two electric motors, four-wheel drive and a larger capacity battery more than 600 kilometers of autonomy. The Sport is the most basic version, it has a single rear electric motor and up to 440 kilometers of autonomy.

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