The full intervention of Natalia Velilla in laSexta Xplica, which denies manipulated video transmission on networks

The full intervention of Natalia Velilla in laSexta Xplica, which denies manipulated video transmission on networks

The controversy surrounding the application of Law “Only yes is yes” a good part of the debate this Saturday was concentrated in the Sixth Xplica. Experts like judges Natalia Velillawhose speech, however, has been manipulated in a video that Juanma del Olmo spread at all and that was even repeated by Pablo Echenique, thus contributing to its spread on social networks.

The video in question was edited with different sections of the intervention of the magistrate and outside the scope of discussionso that it appears in it that Velilla admitted not having read the norm when in fact he did a ironic comment in response to another of the commenters, Judge José Antonio Martín Pallín, who minutes earlier stated that “anyone who claims that the law does not protect victims or hasn’t read it, or can’t read itor has other hidden interests”.

Subsequently, and despite the fact that Velilla herself has made it clear that he was using ironyDel Olmo continued to insist on his position and shared the intervention, this time unedited but again: without the context of Martín Pallín’s previous commentas seen in their tweets, collected under these lines:

However, you can see that in the Sixth Xplica’s video that illustrates these lines right at the moment when Martín Pallín makes that remark and then the Full intervention by Judge Velillain which he ironically alludes to the judge’s words in his argument – “Maybe I feel sorry for my partner, I haven’t read the law,” he says sarcastically – and then explains why, in his opinion, “There is a lack of protection for the victims” in this regulation.

“The problem is not the ephemerality of the law nor the revision of sentences, the problem is that right now, when a crime that qualifies as sexual assault is committed, the victim can face a sentence in which his attacker becomes him.” a lesser penalty than would have been imposed if the offense had been committed prior to this reform, in some cases even a fine,” the judge initially argued.

Next, in response to Martín Pallín’s previous words, he adds: “Perhaps I, I’m sorry the partner, I haven’t read the law, but the protection is lacking the victims”. Immediately afterwards presents two examples what he thinks proves it.

You can see him in the video full procedure, without incisionsand check out how that misleading video Posted on networks and retweeted by Echenique edited.

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