The Flash blames a very strange detail for the delays

The Flash blames a very strange detail for the delays

Why was The Flash delayed for so long? The DC Comics film justifies these delays with an unexpected aspect of the film.

The Flash attributed the delays to a very odd detail. Speaking to IBC, DC Comics film editor Paul Machliss has revealed new information about a new technology being used on the film, which has resulted in a release date delay.

Although he couldn’t reveal anything about the film, the new technology is said to be able to “bring multiple versions of the same actor to the screen”. unlike other films that have done similar things. This will be particularly important for Warner Bros. Discovery as The Flash will be the first film on such a large scale to use the new technology on screen.

A new technology that will debut in the film!

The Flash will use at least two different versions of Barry Allen’s heroes, Highlighting a darker version of the Scarlet Speedster, rumored to play a more villainous role. This technology will help better visualize each of Ezra Miller’s roles as the actor interacts with himself in front of the camera.

“It will be exciting. Warner asked us to make the best possible film,” promised The Flash’s editor. “What I can say is that we’re the first film to use very, very new technology to bring multiple versions of the same actor to the screen, rather than using locked cameras or even motion controls, which we did on Last Night at the soho.

“There has been a development of wonderful technology,” said The Flash’s editor. “I would like to be able to speak now, but next year once the film is released we can go into more detail. But it’s very, very exciting and I’m happy to say that we’re the first in a film of this scale to use it. That’s probably why it took so long to finish. But it was worth the wait because it looks fantastic.”

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