the favorite excluded, these are the finalists

the favorite excluded, these are the finalists

A passionate and even semi-final in MasterChef leaves us with a bittersweet aftertaste the expulsion of Isabelle Junot and a great expectation for Lorena Castell, Patricia Conde, María Escoté and Manu Baqueiro, who are already in the grand finals of MasterChef celebrity 7. The contestants gave their all in the kitchen and earned a well-deserved place in the final stage of the competition.

After facing the unique cuisine of Dabiz Muñoz and imitating one of the most difficult desserts we can remember, the victim of the night was Isabelle Junot. A little more nervous and unfocused than we are used to, she made small mistakes they cost him his deportation. She leaves satisfied, grateful, knowing how to cook and being one of the great discoveries of television.

We tell you below how it developed the semifinals of MasterChef celebrity 7:

First challenge of the evening: reinterpreting the best dishes from the finale master chef

The first test of the semifinals was full of sensation and affection. to get started our celebrities They were very excited about the surprise boxes prepared for them. Personal belongings of their loved ones accompanied by a voice memo that touched everyone. Even Pepe Rodríguez, who couldn’t hold back his tears and had to dry himself with a handkerchief.

tears while listening to the messages of their loved ones

Then came the good stuff. The rich. The edible. Finalists and winners of previous editions such as Miki Nadal, Raquel Merono, Saul Craviotto, Miguel Angel Munoz and Cayetana Guillen Cuervo returned to master chef with the same dishes they cooked in their respective finals. Elaborations that the applicants would have to reinterpret with everything they learned from the season and bring in their personal touch.

So the plate ‘Aires del sur’ with sashimi, tomato jelly and oil caviar that Raquel Meroño cooked was for Manu Baqueiro.

That ‘arbol de chocolate’ on passion fruit flan and peach by Saul Craviotto, for Patricia Conde.

Lorena Castell stayed with him Venison fillet in its habitat with chestnut puree by Cayetana.

Isabelle Junot continued with her desserts Millefeuille with tropical cheesecake and tropical fruit coulisRecipe by Miguel Ángel Muñoz.

And María Escoté had to prepare ‘the paste of the hangover’Miki Nadal’s star dish inspired by Dabiz Muñoz.

All to be ready in 90 minutes, be careful…there were six servings of each dish because more surprises awaited them.

Relatives visit celebrities in MasterChef

When they did the test, it was noticed that the applicants had been cooking behind their backs for eleven weeks. Everyone was clear about their tasks, the elaborations and the work was done properly and with concentration. As Jordi Cruz realized, The judges were very happy with the results.

But this time the bar was set by family and friends of the company celebritieswho came as a surprise to try and rate their dishes. The most voted were those of Manu Baqueiro and María Escoté. But one is the criteria of the guests, the other those of the judges. And although they were satisfied with the results at a technical level, the dishes of María and Lorena, who is the best of the test from the moderator.

Last team test of the season at Dabiz Muñoz’s home

The final team test of the edition was contextualized in one of Madrid’s culinary “temples”. We are talking about ‘Ravioxo’, the new project by Dabiz Muñoz. We could define it as dumpling bars super demanding where pasta reaches its maximum expression. Quite a challenge for the applicants, who qualified directly for the long-awaited final with a good result.

A test up to the program, and in which the judges would make individual evaluations although we cooked in teams. Lorena and Isabelle, who represented the red team, aiming to replicate the grilled rigatoni in laksa and the Japanese strawberries with cream. Manu Baqueiro, María Escoté and Patricia Conde stayed on the blue team and their job was to cook the steamed quesadillas and popcorn on the one hand and the Korean bolognese baos on the other. Dishes signed by the best chef in the world, which 24 guests who are very close friends of his would try. All in 220 minutes.

Lorena Castell and Patricia Conde, first finalists

If we saw the applicants concentrated and successful in the first test, they outdid themselves in this test. They knew that Dabiz Muñoz’s dishes border on perfection and they tried to emulate him in every step. Despite the desire and the high culinary level, there were some decisions that the jury did not overlook. Y María Escoté, Isabelle Junot and Manu Baqueiro made the most mistakeswho played everything in the elimination test.

Patricia Conde and Lorena Castell: first finalists

Those that bordered on excellence were Lorena Castell and Patricia Conde. You understood the elaborations well and executed them correctly. One with pasta and the other with dessert. They earned their deserved direct pass to the final MasterChef celebrity 7.

Publishing’s Toughest Test: Recreating a Chocolate ‘Work of Art’

Lorena Castell and Patricia Conde came to the elimination test beaming because they were the first finalists of this seventh season. The high was so high that Lorena Castell brought her equipment with her tattoos tattoo a knife live, and Manu Baqueiro promised he would tattoo the “M” for if he made it to the final master chef.

The David Pallas rose everyone fell in love with

And now yes, it has arrived the most difficult test of the edition. To understand it better, they invited a person who has traveled halfway around the world sharing his expertise and is known by many as a dessert genius. We are talking about David Pallàs, the master confectioner in love with cocoa that works in all its forms.

introduced us a cake inspired by the chocolatier Amaury Guichon. Inside, it featured an extra moist chocolate cake, raspberry gelato, and a mousse. I was finished with a red chocolate rose and an isomal dome. A true masterpiece that left the applicants speechless. They had 150 minutes to replicate it.

Lorena Castell is tattooed live while María Escoté is making great strides

It was a test where failure meant disqualification, and applicants took it very seriously. Prudent, attentive, perfectionist… They followed the recipe step by step, but each at his own time. On the one hand, María Escoté made great strides. On the other hand, Manu Baqueiro was late. And then there was Isabelle, who couldn’t control her nerves. Meanwhile, Patricia Conde was hallucinating upstairs in the gallery Lorena Castell was tattooed live.

A judgment by Isabelle Junot sentences her to expulsion

When evaluating the desserts, the jury found that there was a lack of preparation. It was Isabelle’s cake that she forgot with one last waffle. In detail, María Escoté won who celebrated big because he was the best in this big challenge. Highlighted in the taste of Manu Baqueirowith very well tempered chocolate and very well defined layers.

For those little details and mistakes, Isabelle Junot was eventually ruled out by MasterChef and remains within the gates of the semifinals.

A person who made himself known through the program, who taught us his simplest and most natural facet, and who deserves a special mention for cooking wonderfully. “I’m very happy to have made it through herebecause I learned from myself how to improve and push my limits. It was like a dreamsaid an excited Isabelle before hanging up her apron.

Final elimination and finalists of MasterChef Celebrity 7

And if we look to the future, this beautiful story will end in the next program with the grand finale. Manu Baqueiro falls solo in front of the ladies Lorena Castell, Patricia Conde and Maria Escotéand together they will experience one last magical night that will define that seventh MasterChef Celebrity Spain.

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