The Best Series on Racial Discrimination and the Power of African Americans | videos

The Best Series on Racial Discrimination and the Power of African Americans |  videos

It’s one of the big unfinished business in the United States. Despite the equal rights laws passed in the 1960s, racial discrimination remains a constant. This is confirmed by the inequality between blacks and whites, the excessive number of people of African American race filling the prisons, or the constant incidents by US police with innocent people who become suspects because of the color of their skin. The arrival of the platforms has multiplied the series dealing with these problems. Sometimes from drama, others from comedy, the series has become a grand window of denunciation of an uncomfortable reality. In this week’s episode of The SerialistJosé Manuel Romero and Pepa Blanes have compiled the list of the ten most outstanding series dealing with “black power”, racial discrimination and the persistence of racial inequalities.

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