Spanish team today, live

Spanish team today, live

That Spanish soccer team faces its fourth day of concentration in the capital, Doha, in which Qatar World Cup 2022. The team led by Luis Enrique Martínez continues its preparations on the fields of the University of Qatar, a large complex chosen as the headquarters by other federations such as Switzerland or Uruguay.

I’m waiting for the Reds’ turn Wednesday at 17:00 against Costa Rica The Spaniards train at the Al Thuma Stadium without losing the thread of World Cup news. After the home team’s premiere against Ecuador, the rest of Group A and all of B will be completed this Monday.

Luis Enrique is still awaiting the development of the ‘touched’ players, if that’s the case Carvajal with a cold and Hugo Guillamónwho has been training apart from the rest of the group for days.

Live, the Spanish national team today minute by minute:

Felipe Fernandez

Felipe Fernandez


  • 16:43

    One of the news of the day was the return of Álvaro Morata with the rest of the group after he was absent from training yesterday due to a cold.

  • 16:24

    Costa Rica star Keylor Navas spoke to TVE about his World Cup debut against Spain: “It’s going to be a great game.” You can see the highlights of his interview in this video.

  • 16:12

    We already know who will be officiating Spain – Costa Rica. It will be Emirati Mohammed Abdulla Mohammed (who was at the last World Cup), with his compatriots Mohamed Alhammadi and Hasan Almahri as linesmen and Chinese Ning Ma as fourth referee. Qatar’s Abdulla Al-Marri will be in charge of the VAR.

  • 15:14

    In today’s training session, a familiar picture in the last few hours of concentration: Nico Williams and Balde, old acquaintances from the lower classes, joke and laugh in the first days of FC Barcelona’s full-back with the senior national team.

  • 14:55

    Diego Forlán also praised Spain: “They’re a young team that plays football very well. We have to see why other teams like Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Croatia or Germany also have options to win the World Cup.” The Uruguayan, a former soccer player alongside other sides of Villarreal and Atlético de Madrid and top scorer at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, has made these statements to EFE in Doha, where he is currently acting as a commentator during the tournament.

  • 14:14

    Xavi Hernández made his comments on Qatar 2022 at an event in Barcelona. The world champion and two-time European champion with the national team praised Luis Enrique, whom he singled out for his leadership despite criticism, and predicted his team will have a very good World Cup: “Spain has a very good mix to be able to achieve away from home, although they are in a difficult group and it will be important to beat Costa Rica well on their debut”. The current Barcelona boss will travel to Qatar this week and is hoping to be able to watch the Spain-Germany game live on November 27. Xavi also named Argentina and Brazil as the big favorites of the tournament.

  • 12:48 p.m

    Before starting the day, we discover the official photo of the team. Now here you have the “making of” of this photo session.

  • 12:35 p.m

    In our poll you can play as a coach for a day and choose what you think is the best line-up against Costa Rica.

  • 12:23

    The recap of today’s workout as seen at grass level.

  • 12:11

    The next press conference of the selection will have Luis Enrique and Sergio Busquets as protagonists. It will already be the official appearance before the debut against Costa Rica tomorrow from 12 noon Peninsula. You can also watch it live on RTVE Play.

  • 11:53

    Laporte bids farewell by answering a question from a Brazilian journalist about Brazil’s preference for becoming champions and the possibility that the ‘Canarinha’ will be Spain’s quarter-final rivals if they both finish first in their group and pass the round of 16: “Everything can happen, but they are considered one of the big favourites”

  • 11:52

    Karim Benzema’s absence from the tournament is still one of the current problems: “It’s a shame for the fans,” says Laporte.

  • 11:41

    Laporte doesn’t have a preferred partner in central defense and assesses the possibility of Rodri filling that position: “I’ve played with him there before at City. As a midfielder that he is, his quality of getting out with the ball is palpably played.”

  • 11:34

    You ask the Manchester City centre-back why Spain can become world champions. Respond firmly with another question: “Why not?”

  • 11:32

    Laporte responds to those who believe that defense is this team’s weakest point: “We made a great European while staying almost the same. We do our thing and try to show with our game that this criticism is wrong. “

  • 11:28

    Turn for Aymeric Laporte. At the beginning of his press conference, he spoke about the heat in Qatar: “It’s true that we’re not used to this climate, but we’ll make it and we’ll be ready for the first game.”

  • 11:22

    Pedri is a loyal follower of his coach on Twitch: “I try to see him every night. I laugh a lot.”

  • 11:19

    Rubiales, on the facet of Luis Enrique as “Streamer”: “We had lots of fun. It helps to connect with fans from all over the world.”

  • 11:17

    Morata couldn’t be clearer to clarify that he has made a full recovery: “I’m doing great.”

  • 11:15

    Álvaro Morata, Pedri González and Luis Rubiales, President of the RFEF, now appear before the media as part of a publicity campaign.

  • 11:11

    This is the official team photo, with Alejandro Balde posing with the rest of the group.

  • 10:58

    Aymeric Laporte’s press conference starts immediately. You can follow it live on our website and on RTVE Play.

  • 10:33

    Hi. We start the team’s up-to-the-minute monitoring with the last hour from the Doha University training camp: the footballers are already training under the direction of Luis Enrique, except for Carvajal, because of a cold, and Hugo Guillamón, whom he continues to train separately while recovering recovered from his knee problems. Yes, Álvaro Morata, absent yesterday, has returned with the rest of the group.

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