Satisfaction to finish in front of Alonso

Satisfaction to finish in front of Alonso

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    The duel Fernando Alonso – Esteban Ocon was one of the highlights of this last part of the season. After a difficult start for the Spaniard, with four consecutive races without points and various reliability problems, Ocon took advantage of a certain advantage that seemed unassailable.

    Duel for Esteban Ocon

    With the Alpine team in a bit of no man’s land, it was clear that Ocon’s efforts were focused on staying one step ahead of Fernando, as evidenced by on-track actions as seen in Hungary, where ironically he was the only one Rival was teammate.

    As in 2021, and to the frustration of those who for years have been predicting the fall of a Fernando Alonso, who turned 41 this season, his performance improved from race to race and since the summer he has been consistently ahead of Esteban Ocon. If it wasn’t about position then it was about race speed.

    Testimonies from both pilots made it clear that they were focused on outdoing each other, which has sometimes led to apparent friction, as in Brazil. The balance has finally tipped in Esteban Ocon’s favor as retreats from Monza, Singapore, Mexico and the latter from Saudi Arabia presented an impassable wall for an Alonso who is 11 points adrift of his teammate.

    When asked about overtaking Alonso, the Frenchman was very clear. “He feels good, he’s a very, very fast driver. I had to improve my game as much as possible and to finish against him is a great satisfaction.”

    “It was great working with Fernando and bringing the team to this level. So I’m glad to have spent two years with him, I wish him all the best at Aston and I hope we can continue to fight closely in the future.”added the Frenchman, who will continue at Alpine in 2023.

    My best season in points

    “All the goals we set ourselves were achieved, we finished fourth in the constructors’ championship. Thank god for that. Through stress and concentration I lost five pounds this weekend. It’s also my season with the best points in Formula 1.”

    “So I’m very happy, good job from the whole team in developing the car throughout the year and hopefully we can close the gap even further for next year.”concluded the Frenchman, who will partner with Pierre Gasly next year.

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