Rafa wins the Rosco after two misses by Orestes

Rafa wins the Rosco after two misses by Orestes

Finally the day has come password. After several programs in which Orestes and Rafa, the two candidates who have been fighting for months Pasapalabra boat, tied for hit in the donut, the competition has turned and seen a winner. And the surprise was capital.

Orestes broke all the records in this well-known space on Antena 3 and still he couldn’t win. And Rafa, who was usually further and further away from graduating Pasapalabra donut In each of the programs they both shared, it was the big revelation and got the cat in the water.

The two candidates from Pasapalabra

Both participants came to the Monday 7th November edition with the same desire and enthusiasm as always. Orestes reached the Pasapalabra donut with a cumulative 165 seconds, while Rafa disembarked in the final test with less time to try and win the Pasapalabra boat: just 159 seconds.

And against all odds, despite the cool-bloodedness and great focus Orestes displays program after program, his chances of victory seemed to be diluted as the Rosco progressed. used punch pulls sometimes adding up to 14 correct answers at once, Orestes couldn’t get past four correct answers before handing the turn to Rafa, the other candidate.

Rafa didn’t start too well either, as he demanded pasapalabra in the first word. He didn’t get past Orestes mark in the following corners either, but his mistake seemed to give him wings.

Orestes failed to define the letter O and later the letter E, which basically exhausted his possibilities.

For his part, Rafa started discreetly and as he set off second turn of thread passwordSuddenly the surprise came: the Sevillian picked up speed and turned a brilliant lap, scoring one goal after the other.

Pasapalabra: Orestes and Rafa have been fighting over the Pasapalabra boat for months.

That strain It peaked when Rafa already had 24 hits and was just one definition away from the Pasapalabra jackpot of €1,756,000. “With the letter V: surname of the singer who released the album Tangos al Mango”. Rafa took a risk: “Valbi”. Tensed silence… “Noooooo”, complained the moderator Roberto Leal to the displeasure of the candidate.

But still, Raffa turned out Winner of the program, he pocketed the prize of the day and above all: his consistency and his options to continue fighting for the Pasapalabra jackpot in the next edition of the competition, today, Tuesday 8th November, are assured.

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