Qatar World Cup 2022 live today

Qatar World Cup 2022 live today

After the opening game between Qatar and Ecuador is the Qatar World Cup 2022 He opens his second day with three high games. England – Iran, Senegal – Netherlands and United States – Wales They will form the grid of the day as England look to take the top three points and establish themselves top of Group B.

For their part, the Netherlands from Van Dijk and De Jong They want to start the World Cup event against the African champions with the right foot length Senegal from Koulibaly and Mane. The Tulips since June 2021, when they lost to the in the Eurocup Czech Republic while the African team arrives after a draw Iran in a previous friendly match.

To end the day we will enjoy the game between United States and Wales in a clash marked by the presence of Pulisian in North Americans and bale in Welsh The former player of real Madrid He wants to surprise with his team and try to survive the group stage and continue making history.

Last minute of the World Cup in Qatar today minute by minute:

MJ Caleya

MJ Caleya


  • 13:13

    Instead of these wristbands, FIFA asks to use the No Discrimination campaign wristbands, which should be used from the quarter-finals onwards.

  • 13:07

    Before the first game of the day begins, let’s recap and recall the day’s news. Seven teams are waiving the rainbow armband due to the FIFA sporting sanction.

    The highest football body wanted to penalize the captains of the teams that wore this “One Love” bracelet with a yellow card. England, Wales, Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, Belgium and Wales They were ready to accept a fine, but before the sports sanction they backed down.

  • 12:57 p.m

    In Poland, too, preparations are already under way for the first World Cup match against Mexico. Their coach Czeslaw Michniewicz assures that they arrive “with their homework done” and that he doesn’t see “a major imbalance against the Mexico team or against Argentina and Saudi Arabia”.

    “We respect all teams and We firmly believe in ourselves”added Michniewicz, who has already defined his XI, although he didn’t want to reveal it.

  • 12:49 p.m

    The goal scorer responsibility now applies Oliver Giroudto start as ‘9’ of ‘Les Bleus’.

    “Even if he doesn’t score, he’s a useful attacker because he makes others score. The group is sufficiently armed. I appreciate that.” with what we have, we have enough” Deschamps emphasized that he has not appointed anyone to replace Benzema.

  • 12:46 p.m

    And the news in France is marked by Benzema’s absence. The Madrid striker, who will miss the World Cup through injury, is a key casualty for the French side does not change the plans of Didier Deschamps, French coach.

    “Karim’s unfortunate absence doesn’t change the offensive options we had when he was there,” said the coach.

  • 12:41

    For their part, Iran is the ‘Cinderella’ of Group B. They have participated in five World Cups but have never reached the round of 16.

    Be sure to read our Iran file to learn more about this combination.

  • 12:35 p.m

    And if you want to know who is favourite Be sure to read the tabs for each of the teams for this first game on Monday.

    England reached the semi-finals at the World Cup in Russia. Now he wants to go one step further and fight for one Title that has resisted him for 56 years. See all information from England here.

  • 12:27

    There’s just over an hour and a half left until the first game of this second day begins. It is the first Group B game they will play England and Iran.

    The “Three Lions”, who have not been world champions since 1966, They want to show that they are title contenders and will give it their all from the first game.

    Don’t miss the England v Iran preview prepared by our colleague Alberto Rivas

  • 12:17

    Messi will speak this afternoon, but until then, the topic of the day remains seven teams’ refusals to wear the rainbow armband.

    The threat that the captains would see the yellow card right at the start of the game has caused these teams to back down and not wear the ‘One Love’ armband.

  • 12:10 p.m

    Meanwhile, Argentinian fans are among the liveliest in Qatar. From there we get these images that color Doha Albiceleste. The Argentines are the most numerous fans you can see at this World Cup at the moment.

  • 11:56

    For its part, FIFA would like to make it clear that the Banning the One Love bracelet has nothing to do with the message of support for the LGTBIQ+ community launched, but with a ban on making any political gesture in the context of the competition.

    To this end, FIFA encourages reporting of any form of discrimination through its #NoDiscrimination campaign

  • 11:45

    In the Spanish football team he appeared at a press conference this Monday Aymeric Laporte. The ‘red’ defense sees Spain very well in Qatar saying that “Why can’t Spain become world champions?

    If you want to know everything he said, don’t miss the minute by minute of Spain that we have on Deportes RTVE.

  • 11:40 a.m

    For its part, the Dutch FA has issued a statement regretting not being able to wear the Acroíris bracelet due to the threat from FIFA.

    “As previously announced, KNVB would have paid a possible fine for wearing the ‘One Love’ armband, but it has never been shown that FIFA wants to punish us on the pitch for that. That goes against the spirit of our sport. connecting millions of people. Together with the other countries involvedWe will critically question our relationship with FIFA in the near future,” they say.

  • 11:29

    “FIFA has made it very clear that if our captains wear the armbands on the field, they will impose sporting sanctions. As national associations, We cannot ask our players to risk sporting sanctionsincluding yellow cards”, justified this selection.

  • 11:35

    We are very frustrated with FIFA’s decision…Our players and coaches are disappointed: they are staunch supporters of inclusion and will show their support in other ways,” the English FA wrote in a statement after deciding not to attribute the One Love armband due to the sporting ban imposed on them wear by FIFA.

  • 11:23

    But not only England, according to Reuters, seven European teams do not wear the rainbow bracelet. These are the choices England, Wales, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany and Denmark.

  • 11:11

    “It’s important for us (wearing the bracelet) but we also have to consider all the implications. If the sporting sanction is real, then We need to think, take a step back and see if there’s another way to demonstrate our values,” said Mark Bullingham, Chief Executive of the English Football Association (FA).

  • 11:04

    At this time, the English Football Association (FA) is involved to judge whether or not Harry Kane, his England captain, will wear the rainbow bracelet in their game against Iran at 2:00 p.m.

    The reason is that Kane would risk a yellow card Just start the game.

    Both Kane and the FA accepted they would be penalized but understood it would be a fine. Now that we know this sanction would be sporting, it’s not so clear that England will be releasing this bracelet in favor of the rights of the LGTBIQ+ community

  • 10:55

    Regarding the Spanish team, this is today’s novelty Dani Carvajal does not train with the team.

    Our special adviser Rubén Heras tells us that the Real Madrid defender has been unable to train due to a cold.

    In addition, Hugo Guillamón continues to work outside the group

  • 10:46

    “Everything around Cristiano creates discussions. My relationship with the whole team is excellent,” says the Portuguese star.

    “Ask the players about Cristiano,” adds Cristiano, not afraid that his teammates will speak badly of him.

  • 10:41

    Portugal, drawn in Group H, will not play their first game until Thursday, but we already had a press conference with their star this Monday.

    Cristiano Ronaldo has appeared before the media to talk about his fifth World Cup and his relationship with him teammates after the rumors of the last few days.

  • 10:37

    With these three encounters the first day of groups A and B. Let’s remember that the opening game was already played yesterday. Qatar 0 – 2 Ecuador in which the Ecuadorians took the three points and spoiled the party for the hosts.

    Do not miss the chronicle of our colleague Óscar López.

  • 10:34

    Make a note of the hours if you don’t want to miss anything:

    14:00 England – Iran
    17:00 Senegal Netherlands – Netherlands
    20:00 USA – Wales

    And everyone can follow them on Deportes RTVE

  • 10:30 a.m

    Hi. Welcome to the second day of the World Cup in Qatar 2022. Here we will share with you all the news about this second day of the World Cup where we will enjoy three great matches.

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