one of the side effects of the covid vaccine

one of the side effects of the covid vaccine

Since the beginning of vaccination versus Covid-19 In the last days of 2020, the possible side effects These injections were something that worried the general public due to the speed at which they were being developed and approved, but fortunately they failed to tarnish the huge step that these vaccines represented in that first moment.

That Virus, for his part he left Change and we are confronted with different variants that have caused or threatened an increase in cases and new waves of the disease; but in the same way they did it vaccinations. However, despite the changes, there is one adverse effects that has been appearing since the first vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna: the Lymphadenopathy.

What is lymphadenopathy?

Lymphadenopathy is the medical name that refers to the inflammation the lymph node. As explained by the NIC (American National Cancer Institute), these are small bean-shaped structures that are responsible for the filtering of the transported substances lymph fluid. You can find them everywhere Body (e.g. in the armpits, neck, abdomen and groin) and are connected by the lymph vessels.

Lymph nodes are key in the immune system of humans because by filtering the lymph fluid, if bacteria or viruses are present, they come into contact with the lymphocytes and this leads to the development of a Immune reaction in the form of antibodies.

The Covid-19 vaccine can cause a reaction in these ganglia this leads to a inflammation of them, although it doesn’t happen to everyone who received the doses of the vaccine. And, when presented, certainly is noted said inflammation in the points of the body with the highest concentration of lymph nodes, how can they be armpits, under chin or neck.

On the other hand, the ganglia can also become inflamed in response to a bacterial infection or because of one Virus. In this case, the underlying cause must be identified and treated appropriately so that the lymphadenopathy disappears.

Swollen lymph nodes are not the only side effect that Covid-19 vaccines can cause. There are some that it shares with other injections such as: B. Swelling in the puncture area, but it can also cause Fever, headache O Fatigue. And something that was widely commented on at the time (due to the lack of information initially offered about this side effect): It can cause various changes in health Menstruation, B. A slight increase in menstrual cycle length, something that is not fixed but later resolves.

Despite these side effects, vaccination is still one of the better ways from continue to keep Covid at bay and it is especially recommended for people who are most vulnerable to the virus.

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