No agreement in license plate dispute between Serbia and Kosovo

No agreement in license plate dispute between Serbia and Kosovo

LThe eight-hour meeting in Brussels this Monday to try to defuse persistent tensions between Kosovo and Serbia ended without result.

The representative for the foreign policy of the European Union, Joseph BorrellHe defined the behavior of the Serbian President, Aleksandar Vucicand the Kosovan Prime Minister, Albin Kurtifrom “unconstructive”.

Tensions between Serbia and its formerly independent province date back and have risen again in recent weeks over the Kosovan government’s decision to ban Serbian license plates.

Kosovo, which is not recognized as a state by Serbia, wants about 10,000 Kosovo Serbs whose vehicles have Serbian-issued number plates to be exchanged for Republic of Kosovo number plates every time they drive from one country to another.

The phased plan includes warnings, fines and finally a driving ban for refusing to change license plates.

Since April, Serbs have only been allowed to drive with temporary license plates.

After the meeting, Kosovan PM Kurti accused Borrell of focusing solely on the license plate issue instead of fully normalizing relations between the neighbors.

Serbian President Vucic accused Kosovar Kurti of being responsible for the failure of the meeting. added: “Sleepless nights await us”.

There is real fear that what was just an unresolved administrative dispute could turn into a new confrontation. The NATO-led multinational force KFOR, which has supported political dialogue since 1999 “stay alert”.

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