NBA: The controversy with Irving continues: He returns to the track with the support of radical groups

NBA: The controversy with Irving continues: He returns to the track with the support of radical groups

Cdirect consequences of actions. As suspected, Kyrie Irving chose the game against the Memphis Grizzlies to return to action after being linked to anti-Semitic convictions, and the controversy hasn’t stopped. Because of what happened before the game, directly explaining what happened to the Prospect Heights neighborhood team’s ’11’ is much more than an anecdote. Something real with extremist groups demonstrating for the talented player.

Because just outside the Barclays Center, Hundreds of members of the extremist group “Israel United in Christ” showed their support for the base. Not in sport, but in societal beliefs. Marching in purple sweatshirts with gold detailing, they are known as the Black Jews. The group associated with the film with anti-Semitic overtones (“Hebrews to Negroes: Wake Up Black America”), which Irving shared through his social networks. They even received support from other tiers of the league, such as Jaylen Brown, star of the Celtics. “Energy,” he emphasized on his Twitter.

unsubscribe public Sopan Deb, a journalist for the NY Times, the radical groups carried a sheet summarizing their principles. “The Truth About Anti-Semitism. They say that blacks and Hispanics are the ’12 tribes of Israel.’ They are the children of the slave trade. We are not anti-Semites, we are Semites,” he adds, explaining various passages of sacred texts.

They are a radical group that has grown in anti-Semitism, anti-LGBT groups and with xenophobic and misogynist overtones since the 1960s. They preach to be the true Israelites of the Bible, pointing out that the “so-called Jews” stole their identity and birthright.

On that place…

In sports, Irving returned. Not too successful as he scored 14 points in 26 minutes with 5/12 shooting. The Nets won with a 16-4 run going into the final quarter (104-120, 42′). Outstanding was the contribution from the bench by Yuta Watanabe with 16 points. Kevin Durant repeated a great performance with 26 points and 7 rebounds.

For his part, Santi Aldama came off the bench. 21 minutes on the field, with 8 points and 3 rebounds. His grizzlies noticed that his two outer stars, Yes Morant and Desmond Bane are out injured. The Memphis franchise is 10-7 behind the Nets 8-9.

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