“My daughter falls asleep with the films I make”

“My daughter falls asleep with the films I make”

the anthill The week started with David Verdaguer presenting his new film on Antena 3, Kings vs Santa Clauswhich hit theaters on November 18.

Verdaguer stars in this Christmas comedy The Three Wise Men, fed up with Santa Claus robbing them of their importance, decide to get revenge not knowing that this war will awaken a much more dangerous common enemy.

“The three wise men are kind of jealous of Santa, they all get stung, they get angry and eventually become friends. It’s a film to watch with the family and it’s more fantasy than humor,” commented the Catalan.

Pablo Motos thanked the actor for his presence in the program: “I only slept for an hour because of work, anxiety and a toothache”explained the guest.

The interpreter, as soon as he sat down at the table, noticed a detail that few had commented on about the height of his chair: “Am I shorter than you?”he asked the Valencian.

The presenter of the program replied with surprise: “I’ve had the chair at the same height for 17 years when my feet are dangling…”but Verdaguer asked him for a pillow to rise and be at the same height as Motos: “We will bring you Lolita’s pillow,” said the presenter.

The guest spoke more comfortably about the film: “I play King Kaspar, they always give me the sad character”he explained. “He’s the citizen of Christmas,” added the Valencian.

Verdaguer pointed out that “I took my five year old daughter Lupe to see the film and she really liked it because she usually falls asleep with everything I do because they’re a bit indie.”

The interpreter also emphasized that “Gaspar’s beard is completely mine”, but Motos didn’t believe it: “I am too old a man to be deceived…”. The Girona man explained: “I have little hair on my body but I left my beard for three months and it’s all mine.”

Another detail the presenter wanted to highlight about the guest was that “they told me that you collect nonsense”. To which Verdaguer replied “Last thing I bought was a great farting machine”.

I also have a lot of fake poop on the shelves and a giant ear that’s a phone case,” he repeated between laughs.

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