Mercadona’s urgent data theft warning

Mercadona’s urgent data theft warning

Mercadonathe supermarket company, has numerous products in its catalog that become the favorites of many customers, who even comment their likes and preferences towards the company on social networks.

In fact, Mercadona has corporate accounts on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, where it shares news and engages with customers. something used by cyber criminals to steal personal information.

Fake Facebook accounts

This was reported by the company itself via its official Twitter account, where it pointed out that there are “many fake Facebook pages”. They publish raffles and discounts to buy at Mercadona.

These Facebook pages are fake, they are not really Mercadona, but they use the famous company’s data steal customer data who click on the links and enter their personal information to enter the raffles or receive the discounts.

“Don’t give out your details. Make sure it’s our official account and it’s verified.” Recommended by Mercadona.

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