Lapili: “The industry asked me to change my body and the way I speak”

Lapili: “The industry asked me to change my body and the way I speak”

Daughter of Pilar, granddaughter of Pilar and sister of Ana Frau who really enjoys being on stage and taking part in projects that involve the combination of different artistic disciplines. A very “lady” young lady who loves being together Women to make art, because that’s how “a super magical energy” is created. she is María del Pilar Robles Pérez, a real town better known as Lapili.

if his album in Piligros See the light in February, what will your fans hear?A fusion of the different styles of music I’ve been consuming since childhood, along with my essence. There are themes like Afropop, Dembow, Reggaeton and a homage to dancehall of the 90’s and the newest.

What will make this project original?
Besides being a music album, it’s a story. It has a number of interludes interspersed between the songs, recorded in an orchestral-like format set in the ditch of a theater or opera, accompanying the work so that listening to the album will take you from start to finish will see whole story, which is also illustrated.

Lapili during his meeting with '20minutos'.
Lapili during his meeting with ’20minutos’.

Who besides Lapili can be seen or heard on the album?
Come on features You’ll see, I can say that I’m very happy because I’m collaborating with different women in the music I’ve been listening to for many years. I don’t think that’s all happening.

What does that mean in Piligros?
Dangerous to begin with, which is what it alludes us to first. Then Pili, that’s me, and big, of fat; but it also has that touch that is often used in Argentina to say that something is Cold. Also to talk about fat… It symbolizes the union of all concepts in one word.

do you have a release date?In February, but in November there will be another preview, with video, of the album.

do you go on tourMost likely we have for sure a very cool presentation of the album that will be ready in February. I will inform you where it will be, but I can tell you that it is in a very emblematic place in Madrid where I really wanted to do something. I also have a really big little thing ready for December, but I can’t say anything about that yet, although we’ll be providing information soon.

How does a girl from Ciudad Real fall in love with afro music?
Since I was very little, I listened to American hip hop artists with my uncle and his friends like Biggie (The Notorious BIG), Niggaz With Attitude, 2Pac… And he was the one who bought me the second Sean Paul album, Dutty Rock. I fell in love with him and connected to dancehall culture. I also remember MIA releasing their videos on German MTV and it turned out they were selling TVs tuned to the channel right at the Eroski next to my house. When I was a kid, I wanted my parents to go shopping there, accompany them and say, “Hey, I’ll go to the TV while you shop, okay?” and I got stuck with the video clips. Really, the culprits of the Lapili are my Uncle David and the Eroski (laughs).

“In Spain we are always lagging behind when it comes to inclusion and music”

At the beginning of the video clip Dirty devil We see her dressed in white and holding a pair of scales in her left hand and a sword in her right hand simulating Themis, the goddess of justice. What are you trying to represent with this metaphor?
Dirty devil It has a lot to do with the character of Baba Yagá, a witch from mythological tales who represents the task of the archetype of a spoiling mother, a good girl, a submissive woman single He talks about these characters’ abandonment and female empowerment, a fact that makes some people insecure or against this movement treat you like a devil or witch who should be separated from society. An example of this is the woman who chooses not to have children, the lesbian woman, the one who chooses not to marry, the one who doesn’t conform to the pre-established rules…that is Dirty devil.

in the Maria Poderio Lapili is seen with her hands and feet tied. What do these substances that subdue them represent?It’s the fears, the insecurities, the barriers, the obstacles that we put on ourselves. They talk about not being afraid to manifest our power and how to be able to heal the wounds that all of the above causes to the point that these tight fabrics and threads, the fears and everything before Representing what has been said, becoming your own dress, this has now to put on the armor and so this is not something that depresses you, but that you have clothed yourself because you have already healed the wounds.

Do you think there is a real shift in terms of normalizing different body types?I don’t think it really exists. I recently saw a story from Lizzo on Instagram saying, “It doesn’t matter how professional or talented I am, I’m still the fat singer at the end of the day”. I continue to experience this problem day in and day out, although it’s true that it’s a more normalized problem in the United States. In the shops of Madrid I have not been able to buy boots that closed my calf since I was twelve. However, in the first store of fast fashion In the one I entered from New York I was able to buy some boots without having to take them to the shoemaker later. They are already used to the existence of other types of people and bodies.

Does Spain need to develop further in this regard?
In Spain we are always behind on many things, especially when it comes to inclusion and music. I used to listen to songs that had just come out abroad, which freaked me out, and didn’t come out here until four or five years later. It is true that we are now making progress in many aspects, but we are lagging far behind in others.

How does the industry treat a woman with a non-normative body and without mincing words?He doesn’t treat me directly. I’m still an independent artist and I manage everything myself. When they made me an offer, they asked me for a number of conditions, like changing my body, limiting me in my messages, the way I speak… So it didn’t make any sense to me. That said, there is still uneasiness from the industry with a woman like me. My language and my body don’t like it.

Were these terms literally at the contract level?Yes, it was an impertinence. They tell you, “Do you want this? do you have this dream We can help you achieve it, but look, honey, you should consider changing your body, see if we hire a nutritionist, a personal trainer… because it’ll really help you. It’s just that if you don’t, every now and then it gets very difficult.’ Because I’m very deconstructed and I go to therapy weekly, but if you don’t have the opportunity or that deconstruction, those conversations will most likely end up in an eating disorder.

“I love being a ‘lady’, I’m a big fan of ‘Mercaíllo’ and panties for a euro”

Costumbrismo plays an important role in your career, what does it mean for you?I really like being a woman, having my house very clean, everything smells very good. I like to go to the ‘Mercaillo’ for fruit and vegetables. I’m a big fan of “Mercaillo” and panties for one euro (laughs). For me, these are customs, my neighborhood, going to the bakery and greengrocer, the country…

How involved are you with the styling and aesthetics of your videos?through. I take care of everything related to the fabrics, taking them to the workshop and finishing the costumes. Not only mine, but also that of all the extras. I always try to be involved in the whole process. It’s true that sometimes I delegate when I can delegate due to time constraints, but usually I do everything: I design the concept, the color palette, I choose the dancers, the choreography, the outfitsthe makeup… I do all the production.

He collaborated with Nathy Peluso in the video clip for Sandunguerawould you repeat with herThat’s when I put them on, I did all the styling Sandunguera and from his tour, the first strongest, and it was very cool. Now it’s true that as a stylist I don’t work that hard just for myself or for people who are very close to me, but the whole process with her was super cool and I learned a lot. I am happy to be part of the Sandunguera and from this beginning of Nathy’s project.

And a collaboration between Lapili and Nathy Peluso on a musical level?
Well it would be seen, of course it could. We’re not closing the door on anything, I really like what he’s been up to lately and I really like it crime, it seems incredible to me. The album electric shockin general it is amazing but crime I love it.

Which artist would you like to work with that you haven’t worked with before?
With Juls, a producer from Ghana, his music is amazing. I have a very special connection, it connects me very emotionally and spiritually difficult with his music. From the Spanish scene with the K-Narias, although the people I like the most are outside.

How did you feel when you found out that the mythical Sala Caracol has closed with its DJ set to at the Bompa party?
I didn’t find out that day, they told us later. I had closed more appointments to do the Bompa party at Sala Caracol so I felt cheated because they didn’t notify me and left me stranded. And just like me, my partners. What we had at the Sala Caracol on an energetic level was very strong, now it’s difficult to find a space that fits this party format. Nothing new is wanted in Madrid, everything is parties for tourists or electronic music events.

How was your performance on the big screen in the hands of Paco León? rainbow?
A super cool experience. Paco is a wonderful person and director. Also, in my scene, he let me choose the girls to sit in the car with me and I told him, “Paco, my best friend from Ghana is a very above there you will even be locked up, apart from the LGTBI icon of the country where it is forbidden by law to belong to the group”, I showed him and he said: “We bring it to us”. He brought it from Ghana, that’s the girl next to me in the car, and then we went to Mallorca to celebrate Paco’s birthday, which just coincided with my friend’s, it was amazing.

What future projects does Lapili have in mind?
Well, in the end, this album includes a lot of projects. It’s a story, it has a more theatrical staging and it’s all super extensive. And the Bompa Party, well we’re looking at collaborating with other clubs, but Bompa will be around for a while.

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