Kosovo and Serbia still without agreement on number plates

Kosovo and Serbia still without agreement on number plates

Serbia and Kosovo have failed to reach an agreement to end the dispute over the transfer of Serbian license plates from Kosovan citizens. After eight hours of discussions over a plan drawn up by the EU, the two countries rejected the proposal.

The EU High Representative, Josep Borrell, fears an outbreak of violence in the coming days and calls for responsible action: “And for the sake of transparency, I have to say that we have presented a proposal that could have prevented this risky situation The (Serbian) President Vucic accepted today, but (Kosovo) Prime Minister Kurti did not accept,” lamented Borrell. “I now hope that Kosovo will immediately suspend other policies related to the re-registration of vehicles in northern Kosovo,” said the High Representative .

Kosovo announced on November 22 that it would fine vehicles with Serbian number plates from before 1999, when Kosovo was still part of the country. But the Kosovar Serb minority refuses to change the number plates.

Kosovo is seeking a comprehensive agreement with Serbia to normalize relations, which was not included in the EU proposal and therefore rejected it. Borrell has reneged on the EU proposal to normalize relations between Kosovo and Serbia,” Prime Minister Albin said Kurti.

Tensions are rising in the region when, earlier this month, hundreds of police officers, judges and other state employees belonging to the Serb minority walked out of work after the Pristina government ruled that Kosovar Serbs must change the number plates on their cars.

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