Karina, Juan y Medio and María del Monte will help you choose the best games for Black Friday

Karina, Juan y Medio and María del Monte will help you choose the best games for Black Friday

Influencers can help carry a brand’s message to all types of audiences, but what happens when a influencer Doesn’t it affect the public you’re trying to reach? To salvage this situation, PlayStation introduces the concept of outfluencers: a group of professionals capable of influencing all those who are outside the world of video games and don’t know much about it To play.

Karina, Juan y Medio and Mara del Monte make up this special group outfluencers that takes the PS message to places it hasn’t been able to reach before. Because the outfluencers They were created to reach the general public who, out of sheer ignorance, would not consider gifting their loved ones anything related to video games. Something that cannot be achieved with influencers traditional video games as their messages would not be heard by this type of audience.

The campaign has its own official website

With his work outfluencers They will show givers that the best gift that can be given to a video game fan this Black Friday is on PlayStation, use a language that is close and accessible to all. The idea is to create a fun and light-hearted campaign that encourages the public who doesn’t know PlayStation products very well to turn to the brand to get their gifts right this Black Friday, and features three disruptive characters for contains the mark but which is known to the public is the one addressed on that occasion.

Through the ModoRegaloPS.com website you can find the products on offer and you can get advice and gift suggestions from the outfluencers personally. In this way, PlayStation wants to help everyone who wants to give a good gift this Black Friday. Avoid the typical gifts we always resort to these daysso that they make the right choice when choosing a gift for video game fans.

How did the idea for this campaign come about?

“Ultimately, we started from a very simple idea: to those into gaming, TheGrefg is a god, but to those not, his name seems like just a jumble of letters in a Scrabble game. His recommendation will not reach it.” Who is giving the gift. On the other hand, if the person recommending you to give the DualSense remote is someone you know and understand, like Karina, then how can you not listen to them “Karina always needs to be listened to,” she tells his Executive Creative Director, Chiqui Palomares.

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