In the hands of referee novice Mohammed

In the hands of referee novice Mohammed

Gossip says that the referees are frustrated footballers and the first in the forehead! And it is that we already know the name of the referee in charge of refereeing the game in which the Spanish team will debut World this coming Wednesday before Costa Rica.

Such an important responsibility has fallen to the referee of United Arab Emirates and 43 years old, Mohammed Abdullah Mohammedwho, as he says, started his career as a football player but decided to change his fortunes to officiate football matches.

He didn’t do badly in life because he’s international with the cockade FIFA since 2010. Among his best achievements is his appointment to the 2013 for the Asian Champions LeagueIn 2015 he directed the Asian cupHe has also competed in various World Cup events in the U17 categories (where he even officiated a semi-final) and U20.

Although yes, he has little experience of senior team games as this is only his second game as such the first of which was one France-Peru the group stage of the last World Cup. He is whistling his second game at a World Cup this Wednesday.

In this way, the FIFA He has already revealed what his intentions will be throughout the year World, two days before each game day, the referees used for the games are announced. For example, the Spanish team meets 48 hours before each game with the referee who is in charge of refereing their game.

Some appointments with up to ten referees, five on the field (main referee, assistant referee, fourth referee and reserve assistant referee) and five more in the VOR room (VAR referee, AVAR referee assisting the first, OVAR referee). who deals with offside, SVAR referee who is a backup referee and SAVAR referee who is substitute referee in VOR area).

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