From ‘Bailemos’ to ‘Shooting: This is love according to Dani Fernández – music

From ‘Bailemos’ to ‘Shooting: This is love according to Dani Fernández – music

Songs accompany us throughout our lives to the point that Some mark very special moments, they always accompany us in both good and bad times. Dani Fernández, one of the most listened to artists in the Best Musical Variety category, He has created a large repertoire of romantic songs and his music has great healing and supportive power. more than proven, because who hasn’t remembered their great love with one of their songs?

He creates, sings and feels everything he writes, giving his songs all of their essence. Love in all its stages is one of the main themes of his songs, and today we remember some of them that are authentic declarations of love.

  1. Bailemos

“And ask me to dance at least one more time that this minute lasts a hundred more years”

“Bailemos” has become one of the artist’s most listened to songs and it is a song of happiness that we can apply in these times when many smiles are fading. Music is the only one that can do this and everything else. In the artist’s words, “’Bailemos’ speaks of those people who help you get up when you need it most. Thanks to my band, my team and most of all to you, the audience that comes to the concerts to make sense of all this. ‘May this minute last another hundred years'”.

  1. shots

“I know I shouldn’t have stayed to negotiate and made myself vulnerable to your shots in the air.”

This song is about those moments when you know you shouldn’t fall but love to play and fall. The singer confessed that with this song it became inevitable for him to avoid what he always knew was going to happen

  1. Calma tropical

“From the North Star we melt together with my instincts, vertices coming to you in your tropical tranquility”

Aside from talking about love and heartbreak, with this song Dani conveys to us the energy that comes from the connection between two people who were destined to meet. Dani was very inspired by what she saw in her family and her parents’ relationship to talk about connection on all levels, “in that moment you connect with a person in a room”.

  1. I’ll wait a lifetime

“If I’ve waited a lifetime for you, what matters a little more?”

It is a song with very beautiful lyrics and a clear message: those who wait must not despair. Dani sings for the love of her life, which the lyrics suggest was directed by Yarea, with whom she started a relationship shortly after and got married a few months ago.

He has reissued his latest album “Between Zweifel und Chance”.

And it is clear that this year 2022 is the year of Dani Fernández. He released a new album that was a number one. In June he married the woman he is in love with. And now, in December, he is fulfilling one of his biggest dreams. What more could Dani ask for this year? Well, to be able to reissue his latest album “Between Doubt and Coincidence”for all your new followers.

This new version is included in addition to the eleven songs exclusive songs: “We used the new production to record a few additional pieces of music”. A new version of “Bailemos” and his latest collaboration with Juancho from Sidecars, “Plan Fatal”. It’s not the only ace up its sleeve, though, as the reissue comes with another gift: “Those of you who buy it in advance, I designed it a WiZink souvenir t-shirt, never to forget this evening,” commented the singer-songwriter. “For logistical reasons, we can’t take out the edition with a t-shirt in the store,” he clarified why he can’t take out the t-shirt in public. The second release of “Between Doubts and Coincidence” will take place next December 9th and as confirmed it will be available in stores.

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