Fate/strange fake anime may end up having more episodes than originally announced

Fate/strange fake anime may end up having more episodes than originally announced

Fate/strange fakeis the next anime from the mythical franchise “Fate”; an anime originally only announced as a special episode to be aired before the end of the year… but that In the end it seems it could be something more ambitious. No, nothing has been officially confirmed, but there has been some news about the project, which again seems to indicate that there will be more than a single episode.

Fate/strange Fake Anime might end up being more ambitious than expected

Before commenting on the specific novelty I’m saying, since you really need to read between the lines a bit, I’ll leave you with a direct cut for you to see a few seconds new animation from the anime “Fate/strange Fake”:

And after what you’ve already seen a very mini mini clipI’ll tell you about the consequences:

  • Has been the air team the one who salvaged an important detail about how the Fate/strange fake anime was referenced, and oddly it was there the term ‘series. ❗
  • I would like to emphasize that the word is in English, so it does not refer to “series” since several “fake” animes are being developed at the same time, but to the fact that it would be something serial, or put more simply, that it would have more than a single episode. ✔️
  • If all you really ended up with was the Fate/Strange Fake episode airing December 31st, there would be no point in using the word “series”. Apparently, this is all speculation for now, but the possibility that the year-end sequence is only preliminary to developing something more substantial later is gaining strength. ❗

If “Fate/strange Fake” ends up being more than a single episode, it’s time to find them another saga in the legendary compendium created by my partner at the time, Miguel. The truth is, I’m not exaggerating when I say that I think this is the most bestial anime order item we have on the internet.

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