Eugenia Martínez de Irujo and Narcís, new wedding in Las Vegas

Eugenia Martínez de Irujo and Narcís, new wedding in Las Vegas

    Eugenia Martínez de Irujo and Narcís Rebollo remarried in Las Vegas…Or would it be more correct to say that Sandy Cohen and Danny Succo from the movie ‘Grease’ said ‘I do’? Characterized by the protagonists of the mythical film of the seventies, the Duchess of Montoro and President of Universal Music for Spain and Portugal got married in the same place as in 2017but with very different characters, as she dressed as Marilyn Monroe and he dressed as Elvis Presley at their first wedding in Las Vegas.

    When Eugenia shared the photos on her social networks 5 years ago, her followers congratulated the couple, but were a little skeptical: had she married? Was it a costume party? A joke? The couple took advantage of attending the Latin Grammys in Las Vegas to get married in Las Vegas, a marriage that could be valid in Spain if the contracting parties made it official. Since then, the Duchess of Montoro has shared one of the happiest moments of her life with Narcís.

    That’s why, five years after that first “yes, I do” – when they were also in Las Vegas – The Duchess of Montoro and Narcís Rebollo have renewed their wedding vows. She played Sandy Cohen and he played Danny Succo, the characters of Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta in Grease. Eugenia’s look wasn’t lacking in detail: blonde wig, red platform sandals and the mythical jacket named after the ‘T Birds’ worn by Sandy in the film’s final scene.

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    Eugenia shared the pictures of the ceremony on a very special day, November 20th, on which 8 years ago the Duchess of Alba died, and therefore, sharing her wedding in her networks, Eugenia had an emotional memory of her mother. “Til today Mom, I want to dedicate to you how happy I am and how much you would have liked to see me so in love. Fulfill the vows with Narcís Rebollo and be so happy!” writes Eugenia, who also reveals who the godparents of their original marriage were: Rosario Flores and Jesús López. And adds: “An unforgettable night…”.

    Of course, his brother Cayetano remembered his mother at a funeral mass. The rider accused his brothers of not being there.

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