“Easy Reading”, a work “that aims to break the concept of disability”

“Easy Reading”, a work “that aims to break the concept of disability”

That National Drama Center The show premieres this Friday, November 18 at the Sala Grande del Teatro Valle-Inclán easy reading, in co-production with Bitò. It’s a free version of the novel of the same name by National Narrative Award winner Cristina Morales and featuring the directing and dramaturgy by Alberto San Juan.

Posted in a serviced apartment In which four women live, it is a work “intended to explode the concept of disability and claim the right of all living beings to govern themselves. One of them escapes. A judge hunts them down The body is the center of everything, the place of oppression and the only place from which it is possible to emancipate oneself”.

The Granada writer’s fourth novel has proved to be a sales and critical success since its publication in 2018. In the same year he received the Herralde Novel Award and the 2019 National Narrative Award (The jury described it as “a radical and radically original proposal”). The International Prize for European Literature, which was awarded in Berlin last June, is more recent.

Talent without labels.

The novel’s title derives from the term “easy reading,” used to refer to a series of adjustments that need to be made make reading and comprehension easier for those who may have reading or comprehension difficulties: people with intellectual disabilities, with little cultural education, immigrants or people with language difficulties, etc.

The difficulty of conforming to the norms is the theme that supports this work brings us closer to the lives of four women with intellectual disabilities who live in a sheltered apartment in Barcelonain constant confrontation with various forms of social control, “a bomb destined to explode the concept of disability and to defend the right of all living beings to govern themselves”, as Alberto San Juan describes the text.

A story about the lust for life

The director and writer of the theatrical version claims to have felt seduced from the first moment of reading the novel by “lively and action-packed characters and dialogues. I was also caught by what I understood to be the basic problem: the antagonism between power, understood as the will to rule and to live. The difficulty of living life to the fullest when locked into a subordinate category, either because of your mental, physical, social condition or whatever. The engine of the story would therefore be the pure desire to live,” adds San Juan.

The founding member of Animalario and the Teatro del Barrio approaches his proposal with humor and hopes that the audience attending Lectura fácil “live an experience of pleasure”.

The four roommates They will be interpreted by: Carlota Gaviño – and Laura Galán in certain roles – (in the role of Marga), Pilar Gómez (playing Patri), Anna Marchessi (Ángeles) and Estefanía de los Santos (Nati). The cast is completed by Desirée Cascales Xalma, Marcos Mayo and Pablo Sánchez.

Beatriz San Juan is responsible for the scenery and costumes; Raúl Baena is responsible for the lighting; and Fernando Egozcue is the author of the musical composition.

Easy Reading opens on Friday November 18th at the Sala Grande del Teatro Valle-Inclán, where it will be to Sunday 8 January 2023. The production then tours various national venues, visiting communities such as Andalusia, the Basque Country, La Rioja, Castilla y León, Asturias or the Canary Islands.

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