EA is conducting a survey on The Sims 5 which has not very lucky players

EA is conducting a survey on The Sims 5 which has not very lucky players

EA and Maxis sent out a survey with questions that didn’t address your preferences at all.

EA is conducting a survey on The Sims 5 which has not very lucky players

Electronic Arts and Maxis are right in the middle Development of the Sims 5, but its release is still a long way off. This allowed Download Sims 4 for free to make waiting more comfortable for players. EA has since sent one out Fan Poll of the saga to get feedback on the game, but it was insufficient. Players have complained that they formulate very shallow questions that they didn’t like it.

Come on The Sims 4 Forums They are a good meeting place to share opinions and concerns. I’m sure EA takes good note of that, just like Finally fixed one of the most annoying bugs of the simulator. However, EA and Maxis sent out a survey about it know the impressions from first-hand players. The problem is that users believe that these are not questions that allow them delve into some topics construction and mechanics.

The questions are asked vague measure player satisfaction. The main question asked was whether they believed that the The Sims 4 content It’s sufficient, but doesn’t provide a way to qualify the answers. Users can only respond with an indicator “Very unsatisfied” a “very satisfied”something that totally disappointed. “I think there are a lot of questions They focused too much on quantity and the timing of the content when they should have asked more if there was enough depth”explained a fan of The Sims.

EA and Maxis focused on developing The Sims 5

Although these are questions about The Sims 4, they appear to be the truth target the new generation of the game. This poll coincides with the testing phase of The Sims 5, which ended with the Leak of the first official pictures of the game. EA may collect information from players make development decisions the most anticipated delivery. Some of these questions allowed you to choose life simulator preferences with answers like “I prefer video games that let me create my own world” O “I prefer video games with a story I can immerse myself in”.

Clown in The Sims 4

The Clown is a recurring character in The Sims.

does this mean that The Sims 5 Can they have a story mode? We’ll have to wait and see what the intentions are with the René project. Right now is the only right thing The Sims 4 gets a lot of content to continue to create the most complete experience ever seen in a simulator. Despite the fact that EA and Maxis are focused on developing The Sims 5, the usual gamers will carry on fun of the game fully.

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