Discover how and in what quantity

Discover how and in what quantity

That Treasure It is a food produced by bees, generally used to sweeten some dishes. Therefore it is added to some recipes to provide this sweet touch who could give us sugar.

There are people who believe honey isn’t good, and others who say it’s a superfood and has myriad properties.

But what’s true about that? Is Honey Really Healthy? According to a study published in the journal nutritional assessments, Honey is a sweetener very rich in mineral salts, enzymes, vitamins and proteins.

In addition, this ingredient is beneficial for improve risk factors that causes a poor cardiometabolic healthsuch as blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

What are the benefits of honey for our health?

Some previous research had shown honey to be a useful ingredient for improving cardiometabolic health, although most studies have been conducted on animals, so the results have not been consistent.

This has now been shown by various researchers from the University of Toronto in Canada Honey can be beneficial to improve risk factors for poor cardiometabolic health, including blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

Thus, the present study is the most complete review to date, as it contains the most detailed data on the processing and flower source of honey.

To reach these conclusions, the researchers conducted a systematic review and meta-analysis of clinical trials on honey and found that they are reduced Fasting blood sugar, total and LDL or bad cholesterol, triglycerides and a marker of fatty liver disease.

In addition, the same experts came to the conclusion that the consumption of this ingredient behaved HDL or good cholesterol and some inflammatory markers.

Therefore, the results were surprising since honey is a sweetener containing about 80% sugar. However, honey also consists of a complex composition of common and rare sugars, proteins, organic acids and other bioactive compounds “most likely to have health benefits”says Tauseef Khan, the study’s lead investigator and research associate in nutrition at the Temerty School of Medicine.

With this, the experts want to make it clear that they are not inviting people to include honey in their diet, but point out that if they do want to consume sugar or another sweetener, they might do so best way to drink a little honey, as this would reduce some cardiometabolic risks.

How should honey be taken and in what quantity?

In addition to analyzing the benefits of honey, the same study wanted to see what kind was best to consume and how much to take on a daily basis.

Therefore, they concluded that the daily dose of honey that could be ingested was that contained in the studies 40 grams, who are equivalent two spoons.

On the other hand, regarding the greatest benefits, the experts pointed out that they were obtained when the honey was raw and it came from a single flower spring.

In this case, eating raw honey would have positive effects on people’s health, but on the other hand, processed honey would lose many of these benefits.

Speaking about the effect of a hot drink on raw honey, experts believe that it would not destroy all its beneficial properties, although they recall that the best option would be consume unheated, accompanied by yoghurt, spread in some recipes or even as a salad dressing.

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