Diagnosed dementias are declining in the more developed west

Diagnosed dementias are declining in the more developed west

Theoretically, between now and 2050, the number of patients with Alzheimer and this is without a doubt a catastrophe, because there is nothing worse than experiencing a deterioration in your own body that makes you no longer recognize yourself in the mirror or, if you are a relative of a sick person, to experience how the human being does They knew and loved the sight, as if he goes and his body stays. It is undoubtedly one of the major current epidemics, but it seems to have been declining for some time: the incidence has fallen by 30% in Europe and the United States over the past fifteen years.

How can it be?

Specialists link the number to the effects of anti-cholesterol and anti-blood clot medications, which virtually everyone over 50 takes: they eliminate vascular problems associated with the brain, while also appearing to reduce the number of dementias diagnosed. If we add to this the fact that the number of people with hypertension has decreased, that smoking among the over-40s is decreasing and that the Obesity, Depression and lack of exercise are combated somewhat more successfully, we have a somewhat more favorable situation than a few years ago. All of this works, yes, in the first world

we only buy time

In itself, if anything has been done, it serves to buy time or, if desired, delay the onset of dementia in the most developed countries. Since it starts later, those who suffer from it die before reaching high levels of cognitive impairment and therefore the diagnoses are fewer, but the enemy is still there: now he will focus on the poorest countries and if we continue increase our hope of life, will attack west more developed. What can we do? Well, quite simply, assume that we’ve only bought time and that this German gentleman, who sooner or later will start hiding things from you, is still a formidable enemy.

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