Criticizing “La que se avecina” for what they did to Miren Ibarguren

Criticizing “La que se avecina” for what they did to Miren Ibarguren

The new season of The one who comes It can already be seen on Prime Video. To celebrate, Telecinco premieres tonight the first chapter in Open, to show viewers what the new phase of the series looks like. The fiction created by the Caballero brothers begins a new cycle, with a change of building and the entry of several new characters. Fresh air without losing the essence What’s coming, That Cañí humor that viewers have loved so much since it premiered in 2007.

As always with this comedy the controversy is served. This time the viewers denounce the fatophobia of the authors of the series. Everything is in the plot of Yoli Morcillo, the character played Miren Ibargus In the new chapters the actress appears disguised as an obese person, ridicule the fact of being overweight. Apparently, it was a request from Miren herself, who was pregnant while filming the series. Be that as it may, the first points of criticism in the social networks were not long in coming.

“What a shame, this disgusting fatophobia The one who comes They wear a fatsuit in mid-2022 just to hide an actress is pregnant, turning her into a size 50 who reportedly can’t move. Rough”She snapped an irate user on Twitter. “Who would have thought that a series like The one who comes, full of transphobia, machismo and racism, I wouldn’t ever fall into fat phobia,” another viewer shared on the social network.

The main pillar of the criticism is that The one who comes It’s a show with a real impact on our society. You only have to look at the terrace of a bar or school to hear mythical phrases by Amador Rivas or Antonio Recio. It is because, trivialize obese people and reduce them to mere stranded whales secretly eating cookies The audience didn’t like that.

Definitive, The images shaped by Miren Ibarguren are very surprising. The actress is unrecognizable with a prominent double chin a suit that goes up a few sizesknown as fat suit. In a post on her Instagram profile, the actress has shown her characterization and raised the applause of all her castmates, without paying attention to the opinions of the audience.

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