Cristiano: “If I still have to prove myself at 37 years and 8 months…”

Cristiano: “If I still have to prove myself at 37 years and 8 months…”

Cristiano Ronaldo, Portugal captain, appeared at a press conference to analyze what the World Cup could be like. The Manchester United footballer wanted to silence the criticism and was hoping for a good tournament.

shape plane. “I’m already recovered, I feel ready to start the World Cup in the best possible way and achieve my goals.”

debuts. “My memories are good and others are not so good, but like everything in life. The World Championships are different. The world stops. Everyone wants to see you play and talk about the competition.”

Possibilities. “We have enormous potential but we have to think about Ghana and take it easy. Grow from there. If we’re the best pick, we’ll reach the end. The champion team will be the best. We have young people, it’s a good mix.”

favourites. “Brazil, Argentina, France are the ones that have the most chances… Spain, Germany… They are the ones that sound the best, also for the fans. But we already saw in 2016 that we are able to surprise and prevail.”

Records. “I’m not chasing records, records are coming. Beating Eusebio would be special for being Eusebio. But I’m not thinking about it, I’m thinking about winning the tournament.”

best ever “I don’t see things out there, some like me more and others less. Some like blondes more and others like dark ones. People say I’m at the end of my career… I’m proud of what I’ve done. Of course it wouldn’t be bad to win a World Cup.”

time of the interview. “It’s easy to express an opinion from the other side, but the timing of the interview won’t affect it. All players know how I am and how I think. You will not be affected. The group is unique and everyone wants to play. I don’t think they think differently because of this episode.”

Responsibility. “It’s my fifth World Cup. Responsibility I have had since I was 12 when I left home. Now we’re being watched more, but I always have responsibilities: as a player, as a friend, as a father… The pressure is always the same. Sometimes things go well, sometimes badly, but I feel justified in assuming that.”

Campaign with Messi. “It was a campaign I wanted to do, a campaign I had been looking for for a long time. It was pride. It’s my fifth World Cup. I’m optimistic”.

claim. “If I still had things to prove at 37 years and 8 months, I would be concerned… I respect people’s opinions. I want to have a great World Cup for my family and my fans. I want to win, but if I don’t, I’m happy for what I did.”

World. “Winning would be magical. I’m not missing anything, I have everything. Winning the world championship would be spectacular. But everyone wants to win and only one can win. We will work to become champions.”

Casillas. “Iker, I have a great relationship. We play together and win jobs. We already know how to work in the press, what is said should often be relevant. I agree with him and I hope to prove it again. My motivation is to go out on the streets every day and see the joy of the children when they see me.”

Bruno Fernandes. “These stages before tournaments are always controversial, but my relationship with him is excellent. Everything around Cristiano keeps generating debates. But I insist: my relationship with the whole team is excellent, with Bruno, with Cancelo, with Joao Félix… And I take advantage, not asking the players about Cristiano. Ask about them and Portugal”.

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