Chris Hemsworth quits acting after learning he may have Alzheimer’s

Chris Hemsworth quits acting after learning he may have Alzheimer’s

without Bordersthe new documentary series Chris Hemsworth, gives to speak. We knew that a few days ago Wonder I forbade him to do it until he’s done Thor for fear of being hurt or killed on the set, very complicated and full of extreme moments in nature. The Australian actor who proposes Examine the body’s endurance and how aging can take its tollAlready declaring that he wanted to say goodbye to the god of thunder, he opened the door a partial retreat of interpretation when he discovers in the docuseries that he has a genetic predisposition to Alzheimer’s.

Chris Hemsworth decides to take a break from acting after learning he has a genetic predisposition to Alzheimer’s

in the no limitsthe actor goes through a genetic code that shows him Willingness to suffer from Alzheimer’s. The documentary, which will be broadcast in our country on Disney+, faithfully narrates Hemsworth’s reaction, a moment that was not foreseen and that seems to have caused some controversy on social networks. “This is my biggest fear”said the Australian. The one responsible for giving life to the god of thunder, from 39 years oldHas two samples of the APOE4 geneOne from his mother and one from his father. This is the gene linked to the highest risk of Alzheimer’s disease and, in general, one in four people is a carrier of a sample.

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Nevertheless, Only between 2-3% of the population has both and since your grandfather has Alzheimer’s it’s safe to say it’s a real risk. As he confessed vanity fairThat moment made him reconsider his entire career. He doesn’t want to work with directors who make him feel uncomfortable and as we told you before, he’s opening the door to say goodbye to Thor soon. So he decided to take a break from acting. To this day, he doesn’t know if he did the right thing in leaving this sad find behind no limitsas I thought it would end up being over-dramatized.

I was very careful not to manipulate or dramatize it. It’s a strong hint, it’s not definitive, but rest for a while

“I was very concerned about not manipulating it or dramatizing it and making it some sort of source of empathy or whatever for entertainment.‘ the actor admits. “However, the show, which was initially an exploration of longevity and of course had to be fun, became even more important to me, more moving than I ever imagined,” explains the actor. It’s not a crucial gene, but it’s a strong clue. Ten years ago I think it was considered more crucial. Since we finished the series, I’ve been doing my other commitments. When the tour is over this week I will go home and have a good rest.. Being with my kids, being with my wife,” concluded Hemsworth, who will be spending a few months away from it all with his wife. Elsa Pataki and his sons.

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