Chess: The hidden key that perfects the “chess game” between Messi and Cristiano

Chess: The hidden key that perfects the “chess game” between Messi and Cristiano

Bobby fisherman (1943-2008) would not have said no to a campaign by louisvuitton, the most valuable luxury brand in the world, belonging to the LVMH Group and valued on the stock exchange at almost 350,000 million euros. His high-quality chests and trunks would have been a valuable asset to the American champion in a time when his numerous suits and knowledge of chess -the almost infinite opening bookstoday replaced by a computer Laptop with a few gigabytes of memory entered Baggage in which the station porter was a porter with the soul of a Sherpa rather than a literary figure.

The mythical player declined an offer a million dollars in 1972 (adjusted for inflation it would be about 7.25 million) for the TV announcement a master. His written reply to such a piquant suggestion was: “The product is a Damn; For ethical reasons, I can’t announce it.”

With the World Cup in Qatar in the spotlight, Louis Vuitton has decided that Cristiano ronaldowith almost 500 million followers on Instagram, and Lionel messiat 376, star of a promotion dominated by an iconic chess image by the artist (photographer). Annie Leibovitz. Regardless of the cold economic data, what an internet recommendation of these football stars may be worth (according to Hopper HQ, Ronaldo $2.4 million and Messi $1.78) and that in a matter of hours it’s the sixth most-posted photo in Instagram history, everything was taken care of when running this campaign, including the given a position on the boardcorresponding to a game between Magnus carlsen and the American Hikaru Namakura disputed in Stavanger (Norway) in 2017. Why did advertisers choose this situation before the chamber?

It has been proved that the final position must be a tie, on this occasion for and always, when two superstars share a chess destiny. Also with some brilliance.

However, a rivalry like that of Ronaldo and Messi is not present in chess. carlsen31 years old, he is undisputed number one of chess for more than a decade, which he reconfirmed yesterday by brilliantly winning the circuit and final tournament of the 2022 Meltwater Champions Chess Tour a round ahead. However, Nakamura is more dedicated at the moment stream than in professional tournaments, it takes first place in the world lists of the modality relmpago (Blitz, game of 5 minutes or 3 minutes + 2 extra seconds per move), not so in classic (5) and semi-rapid (5). Something is something, but in righteousness it will be so compare soccer with futsal, compounded by the fact that there are few blitz tournaments other than the three-day World Cup, making it all but impossible for the Norwegian champions to reclaim first place. But Nakamura, hugely popular on social media, is the closest to another number one and maybe that’s why the publicists have chosen a duel between these two great teachers.

Carlsen and Nakamura tweeted about this position. The monarch of the board wrote: “Second greatest rivalry of our time imitate the greatest”.

For his part, the American commented wryly: “I was wondering why this position was known to me“.

Chess for its values intellectual (Intelligence, reflection, analytical ability, etc.) or simply because of its aesthetics, it has been the protagonist of numerous advertisements and great attention from States, like the ones of its time soviet union, starting with the Russian Revolution and Mikhail Botvinnik in 1948 when he used it as a tool to sell the superiority of the communist system over the capitalist system. Aside from political issues, let’s check out some spots starring the main charactersSports stars who aren’t chess players like NBA players Kobe Bryant, Lebron James…

Or from sports companies such as Nike for the 50th anniversary…

Although there are Gary classics too KasparovAdvertising for Pepsi-Cola or the Planeta-Agostini magazines.

The recommendation of Korchnoia two-time challenger to Karpov, reportedly drinks cow’s milk.

carlsen Nor has it been left out of interest from brands like the G-Star RAW textile.

Although there was also a nice advertisement for Dog Food…

that of Citizens

Although technology, with Samsungwas not left out.

chess like metaphor, with or without checkmate in between, will continue to captivate and produce great reflections and beautiful images. The last main role Ronaldo and Messi As in its time, the acclaimed series has attracted media attention around the world Queen’s Gambit. Now these great footballers just have to imitate another genius like Luka Doncicwho, when asked if he was aware of the latest changes on Twitter, replied: “No, I just play chess on my phone.”


Norway chess Stavanger, 3 rounds. (June 8, 2017)

1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 d6 3.d4 cxd4 4.Nxd4 Nf6 5.Nc3 a6 6.h3 g6 7.g3 Nc6 8.Ae3 Ag7 9.Ag2 0-0 10.0-0 Cd7 11.b3 Cxd4 12.Axd4 Axd4 13.Qxd4 b6 14.Nd5 Ab7 15.c4 e5 16.Qe3 b5 17.Tac1 bxc4 18.Rxc4 Axd5 19.exd5 a5 20.Rfc1 Cc5 21.a3 f5 22.b4 axb4 23.axb4 Cd7 24.Rc6 f4 25. gxf4 exf4 26.Qe6+ Rf7 27.Qxd6 Qg5 28.Rh1 f3 29.Af1 Cf6 30.Qe6 Rg7 31.Rc7 Rxc7 32.Rxc7+ Rh6 33.Qe1 Ra2 34.Re7 Cg4 35.hxg4 Qh4+ 36.Rg1 Qxg4+ 384.Rh 384.Rh .Rh1 Qg4+ 39.Rh1 Qh4+ 40.Rg1 Qg4+, Tablas por jaque perpetuo. (0.5-0.5).

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