Black Friday continues to thrive in Aragon despite inflation

Black Friday continues to thrive in Aragon despite inflation

Here’s one of the recent follies of the consumerism. Black Friday, the English term for Black Friday that grandparents learned to pronounce, In just a few years it has become part of the commercial culture of the Aragoneses and Spaniards who have adopted the custom of early Christmas shopping with the incentive to take advantage of sometimes not so big discounts. The goal of saving is now more urgent, if possible, in a year marked by runaway inflation and galloping prices for almost everything. that’s why Sales projections are a bit bleaker than the previous campaign, which was particularly successful because the worst of the pandemic was over. Despite this, Zaragoza’s businesses have high expectations of this shopping festival, which they hope to make the most of.

The other sector that triggers its activity on these dates is package and logistics, which is one of the activities that strengthens the staff the most to face the flood of orders from the registered e-commerce. At AragonAbout 2.6 million shipments (100.3 million in all of Spain) are moved between the so-called black week and the end of Christmas, with maximum peaks of 120,000 shipments per day, according to estimates by national logistics employer UNO. This business organization forecasts that the number of operations will be 5.3% lower than in the 2021 campaign, which they point to an “unsolved spiral of inflation that we are caught up in” and the fall in consumption resulting from the reduction in purchasing power results, traces families and the decline in investments “which have already made themselves felt in our sector”, whose activity has declined 16% in the second quarter of the year.

“Against this background and in view of the looming recession Black Friday is coming when families will be much more cautious when buying.”suspend andl Idealo price comparison after conducting a consumer survey on Black Friday. It shows that 41% of consumers do not intend to buy anything on these days and a majority of consumers intend to spend less than last year. At that time, the average cost was according to this platform from 271 euros, this year 49% He assures that he wants to invest less than 200 euros.

The economy mattress

The consultant tandem Up comes to a similar conclusion. The data it processes shows aua much larger proportion of those willing to buy (85%), but also with less expenditure volume. The estimate for 2022 is an average of 183 euros, below the 200 euros expected in the same reports last year or before the Covid.

The main fuel economy trick is the savings accumulated by families during the worst moments of the coronavirus crisis. The Aragonese have more than 5,000 million euros more in their bank accounts than before the pandemica mattress that mitigates the effects of inflation that impoverishes families.

Another point that can speak for their encouragement Turnover is the cold snap that has come after an unusually warm autumn, which clearly favors the textile trade that wants to sell winter clothing. That Football World Cup taking place in Qatar since this Sunday is the added stimulus that home appliance stores have due to the rebound in TV sales that always occurs with this type of sporting event.

Parallel to the increase in consumption through offers and promotions, trading, transport and logistics companies are increasing their need for workers. Black Friday and Cyber ​​​​​​Monday will generate around nine hundred contracts in Aragon, 6.7% less compared to 2021, when they were 1,080, according to a study by staffing company Randstad. This decline in employment is very similar to the national average (-17.3%). The volume of contracts signed in the autonomy will account for 2.7% of the country’s total.

11/26 The shot will officially take place the end of the shopping season, sales and bank accounts who disappear in order to get hold of clothes, household appliances, Christmas articles and all kinds of objects. Flash discounts are extended throughout the week in most stores and With Cyber ​​​​Monday they reach the 29th. Trade expectations are high. Evidence of this is the large influx registered yesterday in Zaragoza’s shopping centers, which have again programmed activities and promotions to stimulate purchases.

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