At least 38 dead in China factory fire

At least 38 dead in China factory fire

A fire at a technology factory in the city of Anyang has killed at least 38 people and slightly injured two. in central China, the state news agency Xinhua reported today.

Around 4:22 p.m. local time this Monday (8:22 GMT) there was one Fire at Kaixinda Trading Plant in Wenfeng District or “High Tech Zone”.

By 23:00 local time (15:00 GMT), the firefighters and rescue team had completed the rescue operations, although they were standing still The causes of the incident are unknown and are being investigated.

Videos of the incident circulating on Chinese social media show how A large torch and a column of black smoke originated from the scene of the event.

The injured were taken to hospital for medical treatment and one or more people linked to the incident are in police custody, local media reported, without giving further details.

The event immediately gained great notoriety on the various social networks of the Asian giant, whose label (“hashtag”) had received more than 5 million views a few hours later and where condolences to the victims and basic fire safety reminders.

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