Analysis: We assess Fernando Alonso’s season in the 2022 F1 World Championship

Analysis: We assess Fernando Alonso’s season in the 2022 F1 World Championship

The 2022 Formula 1 season has just come to an end and now it is not only time to count down the days until the start of the next season, but also to revisit them. There are many ways we can judge this year, but if we look at specific drivers, it’s clear that the Fernando Alonso season It has a lot to highlight.

abandonment in the past GP from Abu Dhabi It’s a good example of how the Asturian fared with Alpine in 2022. Undoubtedly, reliability failures – this time a water leak – reduced the number of points the two-time champion was able to collect this year. In total, Alonso has collected 81 points and retired in 6 of the 22 races.

Let’s just look at the points and compare them to his partner’s 92 Esteban Ocon, it would be easy to say that the Spanish have not been up to par this year. However, nothing is further from reality. Despite the various mechanical issues with his car, the 41-year-old driver has shown a great level and put in some memorable performances.

We have a clear example in the United States GP. The number 14 Alpine then moved up to seventh after starting from fourteen and colliding with Lance Stroll’s Aston Martin. This incident seemed to mean the Asturian’s surrender, but he managed to continue to the end.


Fernando Alonso and Lance Stroll collide! | 2022 United States Grand Prix

Still, the controversy was brewed that weekend, as the fall of an Alpine rear-view mirror sparked the coup Haas claim to the FIA due to the apparent insecurity of the car for the other runners. There was no penalty during the race, but afterwards Alonso was given a 30-second penalty, which was eventually overturned after a lawsuit from the French team.

Likewise the youngest Brazilian GP It was another sign of the Spaniard’s good level as he crossed the finish line in fifth after starting from 17th place. So it’s clear that the capabilities were there, although the car’s performance or reliability wasn’t as expected in all tests.

The difficult situation in the box, another inconvenience

Mechanical errors have led to failures and insufficient pace moments, and some strategic decisions have resulted in the loss of certain points. Of course, the situation in the pits didn’t help either, with the growing tensions between Alonso and Ocon, as well as the management of Laurent Rossi after Cyril Abiteboul was replaced.

For example, in Brazil, Rossi threatened both drivers to pull them away if they continued facing each other on the track. He also had occasional disagreements with Alain Prost – according to the ex-pilot himself – who eventually gave up his position as a consultant during the season.

Be that as it may, this wasn’t Alpine’s only casualty in 2022. The most notable occurred in the summer, when Alonso himself announced that he would be racing with Aston Martin next year and would not continue with the French team due to a disagreement with his contract . . Likewise, Oskar Piastri He has transitioned from the team’s future driver – and his successor – to driving with McLaren in 2023, taking the place of Daniel Ricciardo.

In short, the situation at Alpine was not ideal and that affected many aspects. sure, Not everything was perfect for Fernando Alonso, because moments like his second contact with Ocon in the sprint race in Brazil – for which he was penalized with five seconds and two points from the super license – was his fault. Despite this, she has generally fulfilled it in 2022.

So if you have to Review of Alonso’s season, it would be difficult not to call it excellent in terms of handling, having exceeded expectations when external factors have not intervened. If we have to judge the team’s season, yes, that’s another story.

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