Alcampo does not send a gift for the 51st birthday

Alcampo does not send a gift for the 51st birthday

An alleged action is circulating on social networks, run by pages calling themselves “Alcampo fans”, in which the supermarket chain is giving away gift bags to users who, in their publications, congratulate the company on its 51st anniversary. Some of them encourage you to share the message in other groups, and others encourage you to register at a link those posts provide.

“To celebrate Alcampo’s 51st birthday, we’re sending a special gift bag to everyone who writes ‘Happy Birthday’ on our page before November 21st. Much luck! Register here” is the message that these pages have published on Facebook, sometimes accompanying them with a shortened link. The text is shared with some variations of the entry deadline.

This is a new case of phishing. Scammers pose as Alcampo to trick users into believing that the “fan” page is officially linked to the supermarket and that he’s giving away anniversary products. In this way, Internet users are redirected to a web page where they must provide their personal information in order to supposedly receive the gift. However, this gift never arrives as scammers aim is to get this data in a fraudulent way.

Alcampo confirms it’s a scam

Speaking to, Alcampo denies that the supermarket is behind these alleged gift bags. “This is a fraudulent act,” they explain from the company. In this way, scammers pose as rogue Alcampo fansites by using its logo and company name and spreading a misleading message to carry out the scam. phishing.

Scammers use decontextualized images to pretend that Alcampo is giving away products for its anniversary

These rogue fan pages are not verified by Facebook and only contain the images that accompany the scam report and a shortened link using the tool used to compress web links. Also, none of them are linked to the supermarket’s official profile on Facebook. Supermarket workers appear in some photos containing the fraudulent posts, and numerous bags full of products in others.

However, reverse image searches on Google reveal that the photos have nothing to do with the supermarket’s anniversary, as they have previously been used by food portals to report on Alcampo supermarket openings and renovations, as in the case of La Orotava ( Tenerife) and Vallecas (Madrid). In addition, in the images where the products appear, the logo of 99, a 24-hour convenience store chain in Malaysia, can be seen on the bags. Therefore, those responsible for the scam have compiled decontextualized images to give the impression that this is a real event.

Despite this, the fraudulent posts were shared hundreds of times and received numerous comments from users who trust the alleged gifts to be true.

Alcampo is not celebrating its 51st anniversary

As Alcampo states on its website, the company – a subsidiary of the French group Auchan – was founded in 1981. Therefore, at the time of writing this confirmation, the supermarket is 41 years old and not 51 as the authors state phishing.

The supermarket’s “phishing” repeats itself a year later

At we have already denied fraud of this type. There was also a publication last year that used Alcampo’s corporate identity and said that the supermarket was giving away a €500 card to celebrate its 50th anniversary. However, it was a different case of phishing.

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