700 people from Palencia with glaucoma are not following the treatments well

700 people from Palencia with glaucoma are not following the treatments well

Glaucoma is one of the most common eye diseases and affects about 3,400 people in Palencia. One of the most common symptoms is progressive vision loss, which can only be stopped by following the guidelines set by ophthalmologists.

However, it is worrying for the Society of Glaucoma for Sufferers and Family Members (AGAF) that about 40% of people recently diagnosed with this pathology, which would mean about 694 people from Palencia, choose not to follow these treatments adequately, leading to this leads to a very high loss of vision. Perhaps for this reason glaucoma is still the second leading cause of blindness worldwide.

“Anything lost with glaucoma is not restored. This could be the main reason why patients decide to stop treatments or not stay constant because they don’t feel improvement, they don’t look the same as before. However, it is very important to know that following these guidelines will prevent us from progressing the disease and therefore our blindness. For this reason, we should never leave our eye drops and medicines aside,” says Joaquín Carratalá, AGFA President.

The association itself points out that the eye drops used to treat glaucoma often have side effects, causing itching and redness of the eyes, leading many patients to choose to abandon or not follow medical guidelines.

Before making this decision, the quickest solution is to speak fluently with the doctor to try to find alternatives and/or select more appropriate eye drops.

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