41% of Spaniards do not buy

41% of Spaniards do not buy

41% of Spaniards will not buy anything this “Black Friday” given the threat of inflation and the impending recession, according to the latest survey by the price comparison portal idealo.es. One of the main reasons for Spaniards not to make purchases, despite the offers that may be present, is this in particular they don’t need anything new 54% say they already have everything they need.

Every fourth consumer recognizes this You want to limit your consumptionwhile another 27% say they don’t believe it There are great offers on this “Black Friday”.. In this sense, another survey by idealo showed that the 45% of Spaniards Due to the high inflation, refrains from buying technological products, which are most in demand on these days.

49% of people who will buy a product say so spend less than 200 euroswhile the average output was in 2021 271 euros. When deciding where to allocate this budget, the 55% emphasizes that he will purchase an electronic product. Likewise A 51% asserts that this will be done with clothing and third, a 35% will bet on video games or toys.

The survey shows that 90% of the purchases made during this period are made during this period spontaneousSo it depends on how attractive the offers are. In fact, 90% say they would consider using this data Buy Christmas presentsthat combine the two most fuel-efficient moments of the year.

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More than 90 percent of Black Friday shoppers do so online

Regarding the type of offers, 44% expect this year The discounts are greater than those of 2021, where the shortage of microchips became an outlier for consumption. On the other hand, 43.7% say so buys only ‘online’ on Black Friday, while only 13% say they will only in physical stores.

70% of consumers believe so Shops increase prices weeks before “Black Friday” to offer more interesting discounts. That percentage is up five points from last year, when just 65% of consumers said businesses use this resource.

“This year’s ‘Black Friday’ will be clearly marked by Inflation and savings expectations that families will have in the coming months. If the threat of an imminent recession hits households, it most likely will consumption on these dates suffersthis is what this survey indicates,” explained idealo.es’ head of communications, Kike Aganzo.

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