11 zombie series to fill the void left by The Walking Dead’s ending

11 zombie series to fill the void left by The Walking Dead’s ending

Do not mourn his absence, be thankful that the undead genre is still in vogue.

11 zombie series to fill the void left by The Walking Dead's ending

Few genres command more attention than horror and the living dead.. It’s true that not everyone is drawn to the idea of ​​facing a production where the necks Son bittenwhich the population falls victim to virus terrible or where the only hope for mankind always seems too far away for the Survive be easy This time as The Walking Dead comes to an end, we think we’ve found it perfect series to you, available on Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+ and HBO Max.

Zombies aren't unique to the United States, and Betaal is a clear example of that

Zombies aren’t unique to the United States, and Betaal is a clear example of that. Netflix

Enjoy the best zombie series to overcome the hangover from The Walking Dead

So much if you wanted to continue in the same universe where the main story of The Walking Dead takes place, with productions like Fear the Walking Dead or The Walking Dead: World Beyond as if you want Series from Asiaas in the case of Betaal, we are convinced that the Suggestions for Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+ and HBO Max They won’t let you sleep at night.

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  • iZombie
  • breaking Dawn
  • Z nation
  • kingdom
  • ghosts
  • Counting
  • The revolution
  • Fear the walking death
  • The Walking Dead: World Beyond
  • walker

black summer

This series, less alternative in genre, has already done so 2 seasons and 16 episodes, with an average duration of 40 minutes. As the footage progresses, we’ll understand that we’re not facing a classic survival production, we have to do it deal withalso with different elements like that multiculturalismchaos in an emergency situation or the expected reward of forthcoming salvation or reunion with loved ones.

Verse Black Summer and Netflix

We are dead

Unite the zombie genre with the Productions from Asia It’s a great idea. The works that come to us from the Far East are usually as original as they directly suggest, and the case of Estamos muertos is no exception. On this occasion, the Korean series invites us to enter instituteturned into the Ground zero for the spread of a terrible virus that threatens to destroy man and turn him into a thirsty monster. Her first seasonfrom 12 episodes of 50 minutes durationis the perfect excuse to return to the land of the living dead Netflix.

Watch We Are Dead on Netflix

breaking Dawn

Miscellaneous twist more in zombie genrewhich in this case will join teen comedies more hooligans Josh Wheeler, a pupils not too attentive, you should facealong with his best friends, an army of living Deadalongside organized groups, a kind of guerrilla trying to take control of cities that used to be places of coexistence but have now become scenes of tragic and somewhat comical confrontations with hordes of zombies. Netflix, shows us once again that entertainment is not incompatible with quality. We have a single seasoncon 10 episodes of 50 minutes each the duration.

Watch Daybreak on Netflix

Z nation

If you thought The Walking Dead was a long-lived zombie series in its own right, that’s because you weren’t familiar with Z Nation’s special version of the undead apocalypse. Starting from the premise of a journey between New York and Californiawith the transport of an infected person of an extremely dangerous virus, a group of people must find a way to get that person to the right people to get a blood sample from him and consequently the chance to find the vaccine preventing the possible extinction of our species. For now, Netflix offers 5 seasonscon 68 chapters of 40 minutes each permanent to quench your zombie thirst.

Ver Z Nation on Netflix


When we talk about the undead, most of us imagine what life would be like in the present while trying to survive. On this occasion, this seriesa Korean production available on Netflix with 2 seasons of 12 50-minute episodes, Discover a golden age in the Korean Kingdomdespite the fact that the king is not going through his best moments and is pronounced dead, with the news of a terrible plague that afflicts part of the populationalthough the reality, difficult as it may seem, will be far more overwhelming.

Far Kingdom and Netflix


If you want to change the registry but still want to keep watching undead, maybe this french seriesavailable in Prime video, whatever you were looking for. The starting point for this could not be more interesting: in a small French town A group of women and men return homelittle knowing that those waiting there will be amazed to discover their family and friends You have returnedfrom among the dead. The series has the seasons from 16 chapters overall with an average duration of 50 minutes.

Ver The Returned in Prime Video


A production from India, a country many of us have heard of in terms of musicals but would seldom associate with the horror genre, will be responsible for taking us through the big and bad moments. History introduces us a group of police officers who move to a remote village and must reopen a tunnel in a cursed mountain. Of course, don’t expect to find obstacles of the supernatural genre a zombie army ready to spoil the party. Son 4 episodes of 45 minutes each those that make up his final footage.

VerPay and Netflix

The revolution

If we’re basically looking at historical series, it might seem that the audience they appeal to will be something more real than what one could taste Serie de Terror and Netflixbut in this case history and terror seem to go hand in hand in a story in which we will witness how a mysterious illness begin to devastate the neighboring country in the 18th century, which will lead to both aristocrats and rebels starting a confrontation that could change the course of history forever. Her single season to have 8 chapters of 40 minutes each of medium duration.

Watch The Revolution on Netflix

Fear the walking death

If only we knew now that the story began with the popular The Walking Dead We have the opportunity to learn a little more about the origins of this zombie apocalypseHand in hand with a family that is falling apart a little more every day and has to come together because of the outbreak a virus that threatens to wipe out humanity. In the city of Los Angeles, we witness an escalation of panic through the eyes of Madison Clark, a school counselor, and Travis Manawa, a language teacher, as their children witness the fear that begins to engulf much of the population. Are 7 seasons those available on Prime Video, with 90 episodes of 60 minutes each.

Follow Fear the Walking Dead on Prime Video

The Walking Dead: World Beyond

If the series of zombies that offer both The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead didn’t seem like much to you, now you can also enjoy this new television series from the AMC universe, now available on Prime Video. Set in the same reality as the other productionsthis series takes us on a trip to Nebraska, 10 years after the zombie apocalypse beganintroduces us to a pair of female protagonists and transports us to a world where a group of young people have just come of age on a planet where humanity is on the brink of extinction.

About The Walking Dead: World Beyond on Prime Video


Along the 7 episodesfrom 20 minutes This long series explores how a group of friends who are willing to hike and visit some of the famous ones Santiago’s street will be at the end reported missing. weeks later than that police officer find yours Mobile phonesthe truth will come out. That technology and the more direct action are the elements that stand out from the rest consequence of misfortuneleaving you wondering if your next trip to the mountains should be accompanied by a few guns and a dozen police officers.

See Walkers on Disney+

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